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Finally a Solution to the problem of all new Startup Founders is now in the market



The Biggest problem that a rising entrepreneur faces is proper guidance not only in the  beginning of a newly formed Startup but in situations where uncertainty takes the best of them.

“Sharkdom”, a newly launched platform has taken the initiative to solve this problem by not only connecting Startups with visionary investors but also providing them with worth advice by the people already traveled the road you are about to travel, thereby providing  them with the service of a “virtual accelerator” without ever compromising their equities.

“SharkDom” from its name explains the purpose of the platform and as mentioned in their site the platform is set to help more than a million Startups by the end of 2025 across the world.

Seek Advice from the Best in your Field

Make your lack of expertise in Startup your Strength as there are millions of opportunity for you to excel in what you need is clear your basics for which SharkDom has been focusing and working hard to help budding Entrepreneurs avoid the FUD when it comes to “Startups”.

smart working Team up with other sister Startups to grow Faster

It’s easier to grow a Startup when everyone is assigned a particular task. For Example:

if you are having trouble adding a payment gateway to your Startup App you can partner up with other Startups inside this Platform to ease your work thereby not only connecting a random  startup in your field but the one you might find helpful to speed up your position

The Platform is set to launch on IOS by Q4 of 2022.

the 2021 survey has led to a significant record of Startup success rate decreasing from 13% to 9% outof which less than 1% forms a ‘Unicorn’ and according to the survey held by a private company the cause for most of the failure is having the same person performing the task unsuitable for him as the professional standards that most startups realize very late in their stage. The ignorance of a young leader leads to failure of what may become the next tech giant and this ignorance cannot be avoided by teaching but by self-teaching for which the Startup Founders have tootake the initiative of teaching and learning from other’s experience 

the startup industry needs right now is a more significant approach and not making the startup records well only on paper but becoming the talk of the town and reminding that  the investment is made on the founder’s vision and not the product because the vision can be pivoted but

not the founders so a Founder needs to work on himself and should invest much of their worth in creating 

a team because a good product with bad implementation can never withstand a bad product with fair implementation so “Awake the Leader in U” is the motto of this platform

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