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Find your way to financial freedom with Aaravjit Bains – The Trading Expert



Having a steady income just from your 9 to 5 job alone is not enough in today’s day and age. It is essential to learn how to save and invest; it is difficult to learn all of its intricacies in the foray of knowledge. It is always better and safer to have a guiding hand to help you walk through this risky world. Trading, investing and stocks have their own benefits but it is also murky waters of dangerous perils. Here is your solution to all your fears, Absolute FX is a company that manages portfolios for you lifting the responsibility off your shoulders and putting the coin in your pockets.

Meet Aaravjit Bains, the founder of Absolute FX. He has been into forex trading and has found his footing on his own and a trader sherpa, his mentor, who guided him. He started as a food delivery guy in his 12th standard to be able to meet his needs and now he has come such a long way “All thanks to trading” says the entrepreneur. Over the past 7 years, he has accumulated more than 240 clients and has helped them trade and manage their portfolios with remarkable numbers. With a team of 8 members, he makes it all possible by working out of India and having a Headquarters in Dubai.

Mr.Bains is a certified trader by Asia Forex Mentor a One Core Program that helps beginners find their place in the trading world. “It was my mentor that showed me how actually to trade and since then I have never looked back,” says Aaravjit. His vision with Absolute FX is to create the most extensive empire where anyone can learn how to trade, fix their psychology about money learn more about financial freedom, and break free from the shackles of a poor mindset.

He believes the dream of his company is to simplify Forex trading and not make it feel all that intimidating. There are so many people that want in but fear and shy away from all the risks that come along with it. Mr. Bains truly believes if you’re going to do something, learn it the right way and you CAN! Even he had dreams like each one of us to be able to win a car someday and now he owns a Mercedes. This is life living out loud on his terms. Apart from his company he is a big-time business tycoon who invests in various sectors like real estate. Owing to the passive income that comes from owing an HP petrol pump as well in July of 2022.

If you want to learn how to trade and break free from the poor mindset as well. They are your go-to option. Level up your financial journey by learning to save AND invest and make more the smart way! He is an amicable person that is happy to share his knowledge, you can always Direct Message (DM) him to understand where you’re lacking on building capital, how to start saving, or even build an entrepreneurial mindset. Visit these links to know more

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