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FIRSTCOMPANi: Starting a company should be a celebration, not a nightmare



LegalTech startup FIRSTCOMPANi is building an all-in-one Business OS to help define how founders across India launch, protect, manage, and grow their businesses. From incorporating a company, getting access to one-click growth tools, staying compliant, and handling everything online for all your business needs from anywhere to launch and run a business. 

FIRSTCOMPANi’s online platform automates the entire company formation process with compliance and dedicated multichannel customer help entrepreneurs set up businesses, aiding them with the legal documentation, trademark, GST registration, and income tax filings. 

Given that there are other online portals offering legal advisory, how does FIRSTCOMPANi stand out? 

“We’re into hybrid method by integrating a trust between consumers and the provider. With a team of professionals and enterprises we aim to provide a brand experience at a fair price through a seamless and integrated network of devices and touchpoints. We even help them run a business by offering accounting, tax, payroll solutions and compliance packages. This differentiates us,” says Shamli, Director, FIRSTCO. 

With a team of potential individuals & professionals, Director Shamli aims to provide services at a fair price. “Startups, SMEs, and individuals in India struggles to get reliable and affordable legal, tax, and compliance assistance. Going hybrid is the most reliable and affordable way to bring in these services to the people in a high-quality manner. 

“FIRSTCOMPANi is much more than just incorporation. Our team is dedicated to solving some of the startups’ most challenging problems with a keen focus in: 

Democratizing access to financial infrastructure, automating mundane tasks every founder faces when running a business, making tools and resources accessible to everyone, building integrated solutions for founders, and removing friction, delivering opportunities to traditionally overlooked founders and companies, and access to knowledge. 

The FIRSTCOMPANi is introduced to ease the dreams of the entrepreneurs, especially during this new ordinary world. Website:

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