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Folks On Forks announces Freedom Ride 2021 on Independence Day



100 Cyclists will ride a distance of 100 Kilometers on 15th August

  • Route Plan for 100 Kms Riders.
  • Meeting Point – Genpact Gold Course Road-
  • Meeting Time – 500 AM
  • Route – Genpact 500>> CyberHub>> Shankar Chowk 520>> NH8>> U Turn from Mahipalpur Flyover>> NH8>> U Turn from Panchgaon Proudly Desi>> U Turn from Kherki Dhaula Toll>> Turn Towards Emrald Palm Hills Road>> SPR>> GCER>> Xavier’s>> AAramgarh>> Disperse
  • Pitstops and Regrouping – Every ~15 kms
  • Venue – AARamgarh
  • Time – 900 AM to 1100 AM
  • Speed -controlled formation ride and there will be a group lead in the front and one at the back.
  • Social distancing & maintenance of minimum 10 feet distance from the riders ahead. Riders in pairs of two.
  • Compulsory items – Helmet, Water, Mask, Headlight & Rear Light (If Riding in Dark), Extra Tube or puncture repair kit, Some Cash & Carry protein bars for instant energy.

New Delhi: 12Spreading the message of a healthier lifestyle and freedom from pollution on Independence Day, Folks on Forks, a friends the collective is organizing “Freedom Ride 2021”.

Spearheading the message of national unity, the ride will commence at 4 AM and cycling for 100 Kilometres, 100 Cyclists will ride up-to 100 KMs on 15th August 2021 followed by Flag Hoisting and a Grand Get-together over breakfast at AARamgarh

Amit Daga, founder of the group said “We are planning rides in 3 segments, 50, 75 and 100 kms. The motive behind the Freedom Ride 2021 is to increase awareness towards a healthier lifestyle and independence from pollution on Independence Day and contribute towards creating a better and healthier environment for our next generations”.

The entire FnF family comes together and celebrates Independence Day with Flag Hoisting, salute the flag, and sing the National Anthem, followed by refreshments. Thereafter, we indulge into team bonding activities like kite flying.

We are glad that Impact Mints has come to support us. Further continued Mr Daga. 

About Folks on Forks:

Folks on Forks is a group of Friends and Family, who ride together daily. The mantra behind Folks on Forks is Workout with Smiles 🙂 Folks on Forks is a not-for-profit club.

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