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From and educational consultant to South India’s No-1 PhD guidance firm : an inspiring story of INSPIRE EDUCATION SERVICE



The one brand that has cemented its name across the globe among PhD aspirants, doesn’t matter where you’re, if you are thinking about PhD, you would have definitely come across this brand. With growing client base across the globe in the last few years, even INSPIRE just like other giant brand had its humble beginnings, it was in the year 2011, a 3rd year engineering student started thinking seriously about a business venture, as he didn’t see him being a good techie anyhow. As an engineering student Mr. “Ahammed Farzin, the founder chairman of INSPIRE EDUCATION SERVICE, was not  really  keen about any engineering related topics, but was excited in business related subjects” said his very close friend and batch mate Mr. Pradeep Mohandoss. As a student Ahammed farzin showed exemplary business skills and later made a career out of it. He always believed that pushing yourselves out of the comfort zone is the key to success for any individual, the same mindset that made INSPIRE, South India’s no-1 PhD guidance firm. As an engineering graduate Ahammed Farzin added his own elements to the business, where they initiated the online admission process during the first lockdown via their official website. Mr.Ahammed Farzin, quoted that PhD is an accidental product, which happened because of one candidate from Tuticorin, he added that “it’s a byproduct of extreme persuasion by Ijas ali, who was the counselor for that candidate, and later he convinced the management to add PhD to the portfolio”. Inspire started off as a regular educational consultant in the year 2011, later expanded its operations to Northern part of India, recruiting students across 4 states in South India and getting them admitted in top universities in states like Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. The process of transforming from a regular educational consultant to South India’s No-1 PhD guidance firm is such a great journey quoted Mr.Ahammed Farzin. Inspire didn’t stop once they achieved this feat, they are working on improving their quality and exploring new opportunities in higher educational consulting. When Covid-19 hit us badly, and most of the businesses suffered, Ahammed saw this as an opportunity to venture into online education, and ended up bagging a handful of reputed universities listing with Inspire for their online degree programs. Everytime we asked about other courses Mr. Ahammed insisted that the primary goal of the organization is to be the World no-1 in PhD guidance and all other programs comes after that for them.

The firm has an impressive client profile, with PhD clients from top corporate and educational institutions; the firm is growing exponentially and has added online admission process to their website. Today TEAM INSPIRE is handling PhD clients from different parts of the world through their online admission guidance platform from Palakkad, Kerala. 

While talking to their clients, the one thing that struck us the most is the world class post sales service that is offered by INSPIRE, most of the students who interacted with us mentioned that the initial commitment was “to be treated like a family, not just like a client” and one of their student mentioned specifically said “she’s a part of this wonderful inspire family”. Our team had a detailed discussion with their staff team, where the they insisted that the goal is to provide un-paralleled and world class customer support. The staff team has years of experiences backing their domain specific knowledge in PhD guidance, right from the very basic selection criteria till completion of PhD. Inspire education service also mention their life time free membership access to their research scholars, by using which if UGC raises any queries even after 20 years after course completion, those queries will be resolved by their team.

Now, the firm is accepting only 10 students per batch, to maintain their 100% success rate and we don’t see them changing their quality over quantity approach changing. Ahammed Farzin the Founder chairman of Inspire education service is also a key player in IT consulting and Media businesses, his simple quote for the clients is that “they’re not just our clients, they’re a family” which was the same thing we heard when we interacted with their clients . You can visit their website :, for any queries on PhD you can reach them on call or WhatsApp on : 0091 9947 945 945, 0091 7510 511 945

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