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DJ to Vidya Production House Founder: A Creative Journey



“No rules just rock the floor “

– DJ of New Generation, DJ Yogi

Many DJs today know their own musical style inside out. They can weave seamlessly between tracks, and have technically have skills to blow you away. But what about the huge mass of music that gets left out? This question tickled  DJ Yogi mind, which is why today, after years of looking for the answer he is where he is.

How is DJ yogi is different from others? He use to work hard  and is completed devoted to his work.  Due to his undivided devotion to his work he has successfully made every event that he was part of a memorable one. Not only has he worked on DJ nights and Parties but also at fashion shows and garba nights.

DJ yogi is not only a DJ but he is also an event organizer who has worked with celebrities such as Tanaz Irani, Kishwar Marchant, Soni Singh, Dr. Elakshi , Kunwar Pratham and many more in events like fashion shows and at garba nights. Who are smithed by him and always compliment him on the organization of his events.

Dj Yogi has always believed that one can learn a lot about people when they listen to songs that mean something to them. This is what DJ Yogi aims for with his songs, the emotion of the people. He makes people fall in love with music every time he play, and each time he creates a loveable atmosphere that the people will cherish forever.

DJ Yogi also realized that if you like different styles of music, chances are your audience do, too. Therefore, he mastered himself in music ranging from commercial club Bollywood , to deep and progressive house. Although his first love is electronic music he found out that he loves the stage, the light the music the ambience too. This gave rise to Vidya Production House. Dj Yogi is one of the few in India who boasts himself of creating his own compositions in remixing, “I am giving a new dimension to remixing/production.” Says DJ Yogi

At present, DJ Yogi not only remixes and produces electronic music thousands of people are fans of,  but he also teaches other aspiring

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