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From kitchen supervisor to Board member of Milliondots.



It all started as my career after my degree began in a 4-star hotel. As it was okay for a person like me to sustain and life was going easy, I bought a decent phone by myself and bought a scooter. Which was a big deal to me personally. I was a child with many dreams, and you can say just dreams.

At the hotel, I met different personalities from movies, politics and you name it, and all the public figures came to the hotel. And I was like, even after being in a middle-class family, I could only dream of being but could not live that dream! When I got a call from one of my friends MrMuzammil and MrKenz, Founders and Directors of Milliondots Edu, which was Kerala’s First startup ecosystem for Stock traders in Kerala.

I mean, I was shocked, because this was when the sad covid 19 hit the world, and everyone lost their jobs even at my hotel I was in the string of being jobless or given an extended leave because of the situation.

I went to the interview, and I could see there were few too. I took a breath and gave all my dreams to Mr Muzammil and Mr Kenz, and I don’t know I could say my dreams and visions had helped me get that first hiring.

I was appointed to sales and customer relations. And within two months I was promoted to be head of sales. And by 1 year, selected to be the Board member of the Milliondots team.

It was a surprising journey, and I gained a lot of knowledge and connection from around the globe with a unique startup that now has students worldwide teaching stock trading to anyone who has passion.

My profession as a public relation at million dots made me know more about people, their psychology, and their situations in life. And I could also help the suitable or people who are apt for learning the skill “stock trading” in a professional way, even people who have zero ideas about stocks.

Well, I also realized trading is not everyone’s cup of tea, only people who are determined, ready to practice even facing small mistakes and losses, is patient is admitted in Milliondots because what we look at is not a usual educational institute, Milliondots is more than that, A traders ecosystem where every person who has access to the membership and community, help them to keep on growing and becoming a professional with all the support.

I firmly believe Milliondots will help many people who don’t have higher educational qualifications, students, housewives, and even business people to have strong knowledge about the stock market industry.

Now I realize that 90% of people are still running a rat race, and is lacking focus and discipline makes people just have dreams instead of working for them.

Stock trading is one of the most rewarding skills on earth, so why not give some time to learn and develop something that can help anyone have a secondary source of income or even be taken as a full-time job.

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Published by Shivam Madaan

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