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From vintage Heirloom Jewellery to Modern Trousseau, RAABTA is all about the emotions, traditions and the regal wedding details.



A mothers connection begins even before her baby is born. Her dreams, aspirations and vision for her daughter’s big day is manifested. With time she accumulates jewellery to etch her love and her dreams in it to pass it along to her daughter on the big day. A day she dearly waits for. There’s something exclusive about heirloom jewellery, whether it’s the vintage charm, or the sentimental value. Wearing something from mother’s wardrobe is the most affectionate way a bride  shows her respect and honour to her mother.

Along comes a sister, and the connection they share for eternity also adds to the twinkle that her sister adorns at her wedding. It is indeed a big day, a new chapter, a world of possibilities and hope that a bride walks in to take her vows. While teary eyed her mother and sister and filled with love and pride. A tale depicting a modern bride who grew up with all the traditions and rituals, and is now ready to step into her new life with her mom as an idol, her family by her side and her own vision of what her life will manifest into.

This story speaks of the connection, the bond, the love a mother and a sister feels towards the bride. A story from their eyes and adoration that is felt in their hearts. This story depicts a saga that’s bound to touch your heart and take you through the royal heritage of Jaipur showcasing the intricate meenakari work by Sunita Shekhawat paired with the Jaipur’s gota patti artistry in Swati Uberoi’s outfits sure to mesmerize the grandeur luxury that this story presents.   

A celebration of traditions, love, relationship, connections and above all new beginnings, the entire family comes together to enjoy the moment and support her at each step. The grandeur of a wedding is expressed from the simple gestures and candid moments, from the twinkle in the eye to the smile that makes time spot. It’s a day that has been manifested for decades and finally comes to life. A day that is awaited and cherished,  precious and unforgettable above all magical and enchanting.  

From wearing the gota patti pink lehenga for the perfect glowy and dewy bridal look, to a regal sharara set by the sister, and a tree of life embroidered lehenga by the mother, each element has a story, a sense of personal style and each piece a masterpiece. Make up that enhances the heavy meenakari choker by Sunita Shekhawat was the perfect choice for the bride to pay tribute to her royal heritage.

Jaipur has always been a location for destination weddings, it has hosted some of the most exquisite weddings and never stops to enrich the royal culture with each wedding in the foreground of the palaces and forts of Jaipur.

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