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Gaurang Soni defying the odds by setting new standards at 19.



Defying the odds by setting new standards at 19, Gaurang Soni went from an average teenage boy to establishing a successful marketing agency at such a young age. He started working as an intern with a marketing agency at 16 and within weeks Sun Marketing was born. From attention to detail to becoming software savvy, he has successfully acquired it all. His passion driven vision helped him to give a rise to more experience and knowledge.

Sun Marketing has completed 100+ projects across the globe and helped brands stand out. At Sun Marketing, precision, creativity and time are deeply valued. Sun Marketing gained over 25+ clients in the pandemic offering expertise in a lot of services like content creation, brand building through modern marketing strategies, photoshoots, PR, experimental events, influencer marketing and a lot more! In a nutshell, they do everything to make your brand the next hit in the town. Their timely content creation that resonates perfectly with the brand whilst keeping the vision and the core values, they stand out from the rest.

To build a successful brand, you need a team full of visionary experts and Sun Marketing is the one stop destination for your brand’s digital needs. Sun Marketing is available for taking new projects and is working towards building more brands stupendously. To check their creativity and work portfolio, you can visit their Instagram.

Gaurang Soni’s vision at the age of 19 is extraordinary but that’s what comes with 4 years of experience! His story has already inspired a lot of people. Sun Marketing is not the only brand he owns, there are multiple brands he’s working upon! Managing multiple brands is never easy, but great things are always difficult to achieve. He believes “Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do for a bright future and doing one good thing every day can make your life so much better. He always wants to get top-notch work done by the team, his work rate and passion are unmatchable. He never settles, always setting up new goals and working passionately towards achieving them.

For more information or to connect with Gaurang Soni or Sun Marketing, check out the links. You can also book a free consultation.

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