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“Global Tree: India’s Top Provider for Overseas Education & Immigration Solutions.”



Global Tree, an Overseas Education and Immigration Consultancy, established in 2006, is currently one of the leading businesses in the market. It takes pride in guiding and counseling students and professionals who wish to study or migrate abroad. Over time it has gained recognition for expert consultation for countries like the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, and more for its end-to-end guidance for all the abroad needs. 

Deciding to study abroad is an easy decision but what’s not easy is meeting all the requirements of the university that the individual decides to apply to. It’s a tedious process that consists of LORs, personal essays, transcripts, multiple forms and a student will greatly benefit from having someone who has in-depth knowledge regarding studying abroad and all the requirements that come along with it. Multiple students end up applying to universities that don’t suit them and this could be a possibility due to the students themselves being unaware of all the options that are available to them. They need professionals who would give them unbiased but expert advice regarding the course and the university which would ultimately help them chooses the right path to succeed in having a good education. Global tree offers professional and personalized advice to help students with this. Free counseling sessions along with different counselors is another feature of this consultancy that helps it retain the best among the rest status.

The entire visa process is complicated and with multiple intricate steps that one cannot afford to go wrong with. This is specifically where Global tree has proven to have the expertise and it successfully helps in gaining visas with a flawless documentation process. They consider each individual’s unique situation and offer advice on the best possible ways to approach the visa application process. With more than a decade of experience, their counselors analyze each case and provide tips on how to effectively reduce expenses during the application process while also thinking about the client’s best interests.  Along with helping with the entire visa application process, they also suggest the appropriate time to start the process keeping the client’s deadlines in mind. 

Along with education and immigration guidance, they provide coaching for well-known international tests like the GMAT, GRE, IELTS, SAT, TOEFL, PTE  and Duolingo. These tests asses an individual’s language proficiency for visa application programs or these could be standardized tests that are slowly but surely becoming a requirement for university admissions. They offer online and offline classes by experienced tutors for the preparation of these tests that helps the student determine their choice of university and country as well. Global Tree’s website has all the possible information and resources a student would need, like sample papers, instructions for the application form, and preparation tips. 

Global Tree’s mission is to help students and professionals alike to make their dreams a reality. Their holistic approach is what makes them who they are and distinguishes them from the rest.  

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