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“Goals are boring Success is not”



We all have different goals in life, and whether we recognise those goals or not, our acts say it all. 

Believe it or not, our decisions, our body language, gestures, postures, and even our statements all point to our goals for others. Surprisingly people kept denying their desires and hence never being able to set goals. It is almost astonishing how We refuse our desires, but our actions are a clear pointer to them. The first step towards success is writing down what makes you happy, what you want and what you don’t on a price of paper first. Then without judging yourself confront your desires, acknowledge them and come up with a piece with it. 

There is a distinct distinction between being busy and productive,” This Is the Second step. We need to distinguish between goals and desires and select what deserves our time and what doesn’t. The sooner we do this, the better otherwise, we’ll be busy without being productive. “ This only happens when you aren’t aware of your goals and squander away time doing other supposedly unimportant things. If you continue down this path without confronting your goals, you will be dissatisfied and discontent with yourself and those around you. Suppose you’re a working professional, then even more so. If you’re the boss or head of your company, the same energy will get passed and adversely affect your employees and colleagues. They will remain confused due to your mood swings, and despite endless meetings, they will fail to perform.

Overcommitted is the result of a goalless attitude. Where the efforts go everywhere other than the target. Lack of goal orientation is a problem of Overcommitment, which makes you under-prepared and feel like a person rushing and lying. This leads to poor quality of work and, therefore, a deter in the direction you need to be embarking on.

The fourth step is to prioritise goals. We might set no goals in life, but we need to prioritise them. It’s not an easy task but linking up goals which hold a place in life and what does not. Slow down our pace and focus on what truly matters. Plans might be boring, but success is not. Once you set your target right, there is nowhere to go other than achieving it.

 Once we are in peace with our goals, we should prioritise them without overcommitting. That’s the formula of success .. success is the result of knowing what we want.

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