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About Golden EbuyZ as an enterprise 

This e-commerce website is the prime project initiated by the parent organization Xenith Acumen InCorp. Golden EbuyZ has been undertakento provide users/customers with the best quality of bike accessories, safety products, and findable and unfindable handicraft products, thereby keeping India and the Artisans alive. Providing quality products has been a mission of Golden EbuyZ.

Golden EbuyZ has been basic structured around four pillars, which are also the basic guidelines of this organization. The four pillars on which Golden EbuyZ has been structured are:

1. Sincerity and Integrity

2. Commitment

3. Quality driven approach

4. User / Customer satisfaction.

Golden EbuyZ focuses on the real-world methodology considering the real-time requirements of the users/customers, thereby working par excellence on the cutting edge digital B2C and B2B platforms. Golden EbuyZ also cults to provide technology-driven audio-visual based product knowledge in terms of the customized knowledge data centre for users/customers and other stakeholders of this entire framework of supply chain system.

Golden EbuyZ Aiming towards Website development and Android App development.

Since the inception of Golden EbuyZ in 2019, this has been an e-commerce enterprise; this enterprise now plans to set afoot in the world of Website development and Android App development. Golden EbuyZ aims to provide and support upcoming entrepreneurs with complete knowledge skills.

Superb Technical and After Sales capabilities of the team behind Golden EbuyZ

Golden EbuyZ takes pride in the technical capabilities of its technical team for Website and App development and E-commerce team. Both the teams also extend their support to the user/customer for seamless after-sales support or any other query.

Golden EbuyZ ability to deliver outstanding results for our users/customers starts with a team of intelligent, capable Customer Care & technical coding experts. These teams have come from a diverse set of experiences. They are exceptionally equipped with a complete knowledge database ranging from Customer Care Management, After-sales support, E-Commerce Management, Supply Chain, IT, Logistics, Website coding & Company Operations Management. 

As unique as the teams are, they take pride in the professional and unparalleled technical and customer support for our existing and new users/customers by doing diligent quality work in sales and after-sales support. 

Core Competencies of Golden EbuyZ

Given the frenetic pace of technological change, Golden EbuyZ enterprise and the teams lay particular stress on constant skill up-gradation and achievement of proficiency in a wide variety of tools, technologies and also constantly striving for the better understanding of the user/customer mindset, requirement and the perfecto solutions to suit the exact needs of the users/customers either be bike accessories, handicrafts or Website and App development. 

By blending the newest business and marketing strategies with the updated layers of IT technology and implementation of IT guidelines and principles, Golden EbuyZ focuses on clear strategic objectives and combining our cutting-edge product range with the latest technology to propel perfectness for the products and IT-based services.

Golden EbuyZ presence on all the leading Social Media platforms & association with leading E-commerce platforms:

Golden EbuyZ has a search presence with the world’s leading search engine Google & company into a social media platform with Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Business, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Quora. Golden EbuyZ also has products placed with Flipkart, Shopclues, Snapdeal, India Mart & Rediff Shopping

For any queries: Golden EbuyZ can be contacted at the mail ID

About Rupinder Khurana, Founder of Golden EbuyZ (

Rupinder Khurana is the master brain behind the entire conceptualizing of this E-commerce & ITES domain. After completing his education in Business Administration, he pursued his passion for Information Technology, specializing in Digital Electronics and Networking, and worked with SAP servers under various IT programs. He carries more than 23 years of hard-core, multi-functional management experience in numerous businesses, having worked with leading corporate giants in the Healthcare, IT, Safety and E-commerce industries segments. With the combined varied expertise in the multi-functional sectors, he provides his expertise into the e-commerce, customer care, logistics, sourcing & complete operations of this enterprise. Apart from being the founder, he is also a Philanthropist / I.T. Knack / Motivational Public Speaker / Leadership Expert / Success Coach and provides his expertise in various seminars.

The founder of this enterprise tries to update the youth with his management videos on YouTube with his channel Golden EbuyZ MD Talks ), where he addresses the child and aspiring entrepreneurs with his videos about management lessons and how to apply these lessons in their day-to-day professional life. 

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