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Grow India Tech changed the Digital marketing industry forever in India.



The major problem in India is that we lack a digital presence, or the business owners feel that digital marketing is the most expensive marketing tool.

This is because we all are stuck in traditional marketing and not aware of the outputs from digital platforms. Many of us don’t know that if a business invests 50,000/- in newspaper ads, he can reach only the subscribed crowd of the newspaper, but what if his customer has a subscription to another newspaper. Whereas if we invest the same amount of money on a digital platform, one can select his preferred audience worldwide, track the insights, and get enquiries directly from interested customers.

Suppose we see the audience coverage via newspaper or any traditional marketing method. In that case, we can only reach the audience who have subscribed to it, but we targeted everyone with the internet through digital platforms. For example, only if we consider Facebook alone as a population of 2.6 million users. So, we have a ready audience of 2.6 million to reach with a cost of 1rs for 100 users.

But these things are expensive for micro and small-scale business. If they use this marketing technique, their growth would be catalysed, and they can achieve their goal more efficiently.

Because in India, the social media services in the earlier day were used only by the more prominent companies. Because the cost of their subscription was too high, and after paying the subscription, they won’t have funds to utilise on the advertisement budget.

Grow India Tech understood the problem and found that if the micro and small-scale businesses use digital marketing services, they can boost up their growth. Still, the problem here was the initial budget of the micro and small scale business is low, so we can’t pay the high ticket subscription fees.

So, to overcome this problem, Grow India Tech introduced a subscription package that provides the business total organic and paid camping support for all the digital platforms. From Facebook to Google.

Grow India Tech breaks down the service into different parts like profile creation, time to time brand posting, dedicated resources to handle every client, and research for their brand plan advertisements in minimum budgets, providing them leads, and working on the quality of the leads for them.

Before in India, this kind of service was charged above Rs. 15000/- to Rs. 35000/- for a month. So they were not subscribed by the small business owner. Now, never before in India Grow India Tech had introduced the same services with Rs. 7500/- with a vision that each and every micro and small-scale business owner can use these services to grow their sales. 

60% of startups failed in their initial stage due to a lack of sales and marketing knowledge. Everyone knows how to manufacture a product, but many few know how to sell them.

Grow India Tech provides media handling and plans out strategies based on research, trends, and competitor analysis.

Now Grow India Tech is currently helping out 250+ brands all over India to build their brand and also start earning their revenue.

Finally, a revolutionary change in the Marketing industry now anyone can hire experts to sell their product and services and do what they are specialised with no worries about the marketing.

This is how Grow India Tech changed the Digital Marketing industry in India.



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