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Harish Balaji Radhakrishnan-A young upcoming Leading Indian Entrepreneur



Entrepreneurship is not a new concept; it has been around for centuries. India has been home
to some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. One such entrepreneur is Harish
Balaji Radhakrishnan, CEO of Aradhana Resource Centre Society (ARC Society) Which is a
Non-Governmental Organization in Tamil Nadu, India having the footprint since 2008.
Harish Balaji Radhakrishnan has also founded & incorporated his Start-up named Admirate
Worldwide Marketing (OPC) Private Limited in 2022 in the Fields of Marketing and
Advertising. In this Article, we will explore Harish Balaji Radhakrishnan’s story and how he
is on his way to become one of India’s leading entrepreneurs.

Who is this young upcoming Indian entrepreneur? And
What’s the story Behind his Growth?

In today’s business world, it is not uncommon to find young entrepreneurs who are making a
name for themselves. One such Upcoming entrepreneur is Harish Balaji Radhakrishnan, the
founder of Admirate Worldwide Marketing (OPC) Private Limited and CEO of ARC Society.
Harish generally belongs to a Middle-Class family. He was born and raised in Dharmapuri,
Tamil Nadu, India. He attended the Jain University School of Engineering and Technology in
Bangalore, where he is pursuing his Engineering Degree in Electrical and Electronics
Engineering & He will be Graduated on 2023. Harish Founded his start-up in his 3rd year of
Engineering as he was much passionate about Business.

Harish also had his book Chapter publication by his interest in Electrical Engineering on “Wireless Power Transfer for High End and Low-End EV cars” book chapter in Battery Management Systems and Routing Problems in Electric Vehicles, (Accepted) Publishing by IGI Global, USA in 2023.
Harish Balaji Radhakrishnan is a now a Growing Entrepreneur who passionate about cause a
change in society by his full knowledge and skills. He Became Chief Executive Officer
(CEO) in 2022 at Aradhana Resource centre society for his interest in social life and tendency
to help people. Now Harish Balaji was well-known for his Hard works and his contribution
towards society in different ways. Now he was the amplifier for the growth of the
Organization through the Digital means. Now he was on his way to launch many Global and
National Initiatives for Homeless, Trees Planting, etc… to help and serve as much as he can.
As a CEO, He also planning to do CSR activities with the help of Corporates to serve and
give hands to lot more people by his unique projects.

Now, Harish Also has Partnership with Emudra Ltd for selling Digital Signature Certificates,
Tokens and Many more which will be useful to esign on many Government portals like
Income Tax and Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Also, Harish was now on his way to lead his
business, Admirate Worldwide by Creating an E-commerce and Drop shipping platform for
Hence, if you are looking for a young entrepreneur to watch out for, Harish Balaji
Radhakrishnan is definitely one to keep an eye on!

How does he to Contributes to society?
As a young upcoming entrepreneur in India, he understands the needs and challenges of other
young people in the country. He provides financial support by Aradhana Resource Centre
Society and mentorship to help them start and grow their businesses. Additionally, he is a
strong advocate for education and has donated money by his organisation to build schools
and provide scholarships for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. He is also working
on initiatives to provide clean water and sanitation facilities in rural areas. By supporting
these causes, he is helping to create a better future for India.

What motivates him?
In order to be a successful entrepreneur, it is essential to be motivated. For this young Indian
entrepreneur, his motivation comes from a desire to prove himself and to make a difference in
the world. He wants to show that he is capable of achieving great things and making a
positive impact on society. Additionally, he is driven by a passion for his work and a strong
belief in his own ability. This motivates him to keep pushing himself to reach his full

In conclusion, it is evident that Mr. Harish Balaji Radhakrishnan is a young upcoming
leading Indian entrepreneur who is highly successful in his field. He has demonstrated his
business acumen and ability to build successful businesses from the ground up. His rags-toriches story is an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs in India and abroad. We wish him
all the best in his future endeavours.

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