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Himaanshu Goyal: Story of a Gold Medalist Geo-Scientific and Vedic Vastu Expert



“Himaanshu Goyal is the recipient of Magic book of record HARYANA (Gold medal) and best researcher award in occult science”

Himaanshu Goyal is a professional and the most trusted Scientific and Vedic Vastu Expert in India. He is widely known all across India for his expertise in scientific, logical, authentic and accurate methodology for Vastu and Astrology and it is his noble deed towards the transformation of lives of the people that elevated him in the Industry. His profound expertise in the Vedic science made him earned recognition thereby impacting the lives of many people towards a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Himaanshu Goyal provides services in Numerology, Geopathic stress, Western Astrology, Nakshatra Astrology, Makan Kundli (Vastu), Vedic Astrology, and Consultancy on Vastu such around Traditional Vastu, Geo Scientific Vastu, recover Block Money, Health Vastu, Residential Vastu, Commercial Vastu, Industrial Vastu, Vastu Interior, Vastu 180 degree Theory and so on. His extensive knowledge on Vastu had benefitted and changed people’s lives completely especially during the pandemic. But his journey was not smooth. His success as an accomplished and an eminent Personality in the field of vastu and Astrology was not overnight. Let’s Dive deep into his incredible story.

Himaanshu Goyal was born in Faridabad to a humble middle class family background where nobody knew or understand anything about Occult science or Vedic Vastu. He had completed his graduation from Delhi University and joined his family business. After a brief period he began striving for more than what he was doing and build his own career and establish himself without seeking any help from anyone. He left his family business and tried his luck for Jobs, but unfortunately he was not accepted by many companies due to his poor communication skill in English. People had criticized him saying that he can never land any job because he can’t speak good English.  He was judged, he was criticized but who knew about his destiny?

Somehow he had landed a job for himself in the IT sector with a contribution in the field of Software hacking, Digital marketing for world class companies like Google and Microsoft. He had earned several certifications from Google and Microsoft. After serving in Google for few years he began losing interest in the job and during that course of time one fine day his brother discussed about occult science. He started getting inclined towards it. It was in 2018 when his interest grew more and he began to learn more about Vastu, (numerology) tantra mantra. He struggled a lot during that phase while acquiring a deep knowledge on the subject matter. He had sleepless nights; his research continued tirelessly in India’s top death-points and horror Places and eventually by the grace of God he was successful and went strong in gaining deep and intense knowledge.

Though he is now the most recognized and celebrated face in the field of Vastu and Vedic-Numerology but there was a time when he was deeply discouraged by people, underestimated and he was made a mere of joke. People tried to pull him down and some even commented saying “You can’t, you will fail”. He was discouraged but he didn’t allow his negativity to absorb in him instead the criticisms made him even stronger. Now he credits 80% of his success to the people who tried to hold him back, but if you remain focused with true intensions then universe do responds and it did in Himaanshu Goyal’s case. He had achieved what he had set his path for because his intensions were pure.

One of the milestones earned by Himaanshu Goyal is for the first time in history Himaanshu Goyal without any horoscope has learned Pitradosh, Kaal Sarpadosh, and Shani-Saadesati from vastu defects of the residential space of the people and saved them from the evil souls with the help of remedial measures basis their DNA and Vastu.

As the days passed, Himaanshu Goyal began bagging with several Awards and achievements and felicitated with Gold Awards (Magic book of record HARYANA (Gold medal) and best researcher award in occult science).

Vastu consultant Mr. Himaanshu Goyal had assessed more than 450+ properties as per vastu science. He has also cured the diseases of many people such as Migraine, Slip-disc, Cancer, Neurological problems, thyroid by balancing Vastu (Cosmic energies) of building and five elements of Human Aura on the basis of his extensive research.

In his words “Just like Ayurveda and Yoga balance the body and mind, Vastu Balances the energies in the around space, Home and building”

Himaanshu Goyal kept walking through every step without fail and left footprints of his greatness and ended up inspiring everyone. Connect with him now and resolve any and every issues of your life with Himanshu’s consultation!

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