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Himalaya Water Purifiers: An early riser water purifier brand with top-notch after-sales service



Needless to bring up, water is the basic need for humans. At the same time as observed, there has been an inclination of people to consume mineral and purified water owing to the health-conscious. As opposed to tapping water, mineral and distilled water are safer and healthier, which has boosted the demand for RO and mineral water for its health benefits. Himalaya Water Purifiers came into existence to make RO and mineral water more accessible at an affordable cost with proper technical support to the masses.

Himalaya water purifiers is a water purifier brand, a venture by AAKASH AGARWAL,31, a law graduate from Rajasthan, came into existence in 2019 intending to offer its clients a first-rate product that is not just affordable but with good customer service even after-sales. However, Aakash stepped into this space in 2009 as a distributor of one of the renowned water purifier brands in the city of Bikaner, Rajasthan. They gradually started working with various water purifier brands. In no time, it is observed that despite paying a hefty amount after purchasing a water purifier, many companies still lack customer service after buying the products, and Aakash, his friends, and relatives personally experienced this. And that is when the idea of launching Himalaya Water purifiers came into his mind.

Initially, it was a bit tough at the time of establishing the brand due to high capital investment due to compliances and manufacturing, which seemed to be quite challenging to start from a small city. A lot matters when it comes to packaging, and it gives a massive competition in the market. So Aakash chose to travel to the metro cities to understand the process of launching its brand and high-quality packing to stand at the level of competition with other brands. Besides, he had learned that there were very few brands dealing with commercial & industrial water treatment plants and water softeners, so he made his team and trained them for these products, and after that, only they launched its commercial range. And soon started getting overwhelming responses from huge clients like Bikaji foods international limited, Rajasthan VidhyutVitaran Nigam limited, and more. In the same year, they clocked a revenue worth 20 Lakhs INR from just one city, Bikaner

In the very same year since the inception of the company, Aakash’s 1.5-year-old son was diagnosed with a chronic disease which was not curable in a small city like Bikaner, so he planned to shift to the capital city Jaipur and started to offer their product’s distribution in all cities of Rajasthan. Only after 6 months,Now they have a vast network of their services across the state of Rajasthan with the operation of 12 active distributors who are successfully operating their business with Himalaya Water purifiers

Aakash says, “Today, we are proud to have more than 3500 happy consumers base of our domestic products and more than 200 consumers of our commercial & industrial range. I am in contact with almost all of them personally and constantly. We have also set a target of touching 500% growth the end of the fiscal year 2022. He is also planning for a new product, which is FIRE BALL (FIRE EXTINGUISHER) “. Constant development in the quality of the product led the brand to set a new benchmark in such a short period.

As the business picked up well in one year, but the arrival of the pandemic had somehow become a massive challenge for them concerning working capital and consistencies, so they are on the move of giving a stake in their brand so that it becomes convenient for them to reach their targets without the absence of capital investments. Though Aakash had a quick start with Himalaya water purifiers, he is now looking forward to capturing the market of the entire nation soon from urban to rural areas so that nobody has to struggle with water borne chronic diseases anymore. Middle-class people can easily afford the product, and due to this, the cost of the products has been kept under control with broader access.

In India, as per the reports, contaminated water remains the root cause of chronic illnesses, so the products have been designed and manufactured to reach many customers despite their financial status to meet the challenges of water-borne diseases at an affordable cost along with timely after-sales service. 


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