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Hope Begins Foundation – uplifting the needy and spreading happiness.



Hope Begins Foundation, an NGO that started by organising sports tournaments for differently-abled, is now working on various other causes like feeding the underprivileged, supporting the education of poor children, and providing financial help during medical emergencies. Among their most impactful activities in the past, two of them are “Feeding 1500 families for three months” and “Distributing 30 lakh meals to the labourers and underprivileged during the pandemic.” Many famous personalities appreciated and supported these activities, including people from Bollywood and various other industries.

The foundation was started in 2017 by three friends Pranav Mishra, Shoaib Ali, and Bitupan Baruah. All three of them are successful in their fields. Career success was not everything that they wanted in life. Since childhood, they have wanted to do something for the society and bring a positive change. They wanted to serve others. It all began when they felt that the differently-abled people were among the most neglected section of society due to limitations in their physical abilities. Even though they had capabilities and talents, they were not getting any opportunity or platform to showcase their talents. Sports was one such segment that had great potential to provide career opportunities to the differently-abled. Hope Begins Foundation realized this potential, and hence they started organizing cricket tournaments for the differently-abled. Their vision became broader with great success in managing tournaments on a grand level at various locations around Delhi NCR. They started focussing on other social issues like hunger, lack of education due to poverty, and financial difficulties during medical emergencies. Feeding the hungry is one activity they are primarily focusing on because this issue has another layer of difficulty, which is awareness. Most people are not even aware of how big an issue hunger is. People are dying every day due to starvation, and the problem is not the scarcity of food but a lack of awareness. 

Currently, they are working on a project called NEEV through which they will take up full responsibility of families who lost their bread earner during covid and have a girl child. The family will not just get basic necessities, but the child’s education will also be supported until she completes schooling. “The people who were most affected by the pandemic were the families who lost their bread earner, especially if they have a girl child. If we support such families with the necessities and basic education of the child, it will be a big relief for them.” – said one of the founders.

The NGO has constantly collaborated with organizations/social groups to expand its reach and uplift society. Recently the company has joined hands with Artists of Delhi (A renowned theatre and band) to serve the communities. Street Theater and Performing Arts fellowship is an initiative by the Delhi government to create opportunities for arts and artists.

Hope Begins Foundation believes that social problems are not something that affects just those who are directly affected. These issues indirectly affect everyone and the whole country. A country’s progress depends on each citizen’s social and economic condition, and as privileged people, it is our responsibility to do our bit to uplift society.

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