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How a 22-year-old went from Broke to 7 Figures in one year | Souvik Saha



Social media has offered the entrepreneurs of the globe more opportunities than ever to take advantage of the systems to make money – taking control of their lives and producing the lifestyle and freedom they want. And one of them is Souvik Saha. He started his profession as a freelance graphic designer and content designer and successfully attracted his desire clients on Instagram.

With the break out of the COVID-19 pandemic, Souvik discovered that many influencers and brands lacked the skills and understanding to offer products and services on Instagram. At which point he started his digital marketing company Pixezto, which he scaled to 7 figures in just one year, where Souvik and his team aided influencers and brands grow and generate revenue from Instagram. Souvik has been developing and generating revenue from Instagram accounts for over three years now and is ready for the post-pandemic globe where social media sites will play an essential role in every aspect of life.

Services Offered by Pixezto:

  • Content Creation
  • AD Campaign Management
  • Complete Instagram Management
  • Branding
  • Sales Funnel Creation
  • Instagram Marketing Consultancy

They believe that it’s not too late to join and become successful on Instagram. Businesses can promote products and services, boost their brand, and increase sales on Instagram with the right marketing strategy. Because audiences can be better segmented than more traditional marketing channels, companies can focus their resources on the audience they want to target using social media marketing. Social media marketing campaigns have the advantage of appealing to a broad audience at once.

As a new marketplace emerges, businesses across industries are faced with uncertainty. But one thing remains clear: A robust social strategy is critical. Social media channels have quickly become the backbone of business strategies. They are vital in building meaningful connections with consumers to drive long-term brand loyalty. Not to mention, when done well, they can boost online sales.

Social media channels are a place for brands to gain real-time insights into their audience’s tastes. They test new visuals to optimize photos and videos across marketing and e-commerce touchpoints. The way I see it, the most visionary companies will continue to invest in channels like Instagram and Pinterest to inform their visual strategy — and ultimately maximize online revenue and long-term business growth.

The brands that have put social at the top of their priority list understand the value these platforms can offer. Organic social media channels present a robust engagement and conversion opportunity for brands. Your visuals are crucial to creating meaningful connections online and ultimately power revenue for brands across the board.

Having gained millions of followers for his clients and helped many people expand extremely rewarding businesses on Instagram, he is starting his coaching profession to help action takers reach their goals. “I’ve been in the trenches as well as can tell you what has and also hasn’t worked for me as well as my peers,” Souvik states. “The one constant thing that has benefited me is to get individual with your target market. Let them right into your life a little bit, so they recognize your heart. People buy from individuals. Many others are doing what you do. Enable me to assist you in getting in touch with your target market as well as build a neighborhood so when they need your services, and you’ll be top of mind,” Souvik shares.



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