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How CA Dropout became Leading Option Trainer? In Conversation with Krunal Thakkar



Krunal Thakkar is a mentor, teacher, trainer and author. Krunal is better known as KT in the industry of educators and trading. Krunal Thakkar or KT is the author of the Bestseller ‘Success Through Meditation’ His book has received many recognitions and appreciation. The modern monk, Shri Gaur Gopal Das Prabhu, from ISKCON Community and Shri Rakeshbahi, founder of Shrimad Rajchandra Mission has applauded Krunal for his book and his deeds. Krunal holds various records to his names such as the Assam Book of Record, the India Book of Record and the Asia Book of Record. Not just a known author but as a mentor and a teacher Krunal offers various courses, Options Trading is one of them.

In an exclusive interview with our team, Krunal Thakkar shared a glimpse of his personal life, we bring to you the exclusive conversation with Krunal Thakkar aka KT.

Q: KT, how do you see yourself, like can you please introduce yourself to our audience?

A:Hi, I’m Krunal Thakkar, most people know me by KT that is a short form of Krunal Thakkar. I’m an author, a trainer and teach people about Options Trading, I am a full time trader and a CA drop-out.

Q: Can you please share your journey with us?

A: Of course! I’ll begin with my journey. I came from a middle class family and my mom raised me single-handedly because when I was 8 years old my father died and with lots of struggles, ups and downs my mother raised me. I completed my Education from Gujarati Medium from Government School from a village and then I pursued B. Com and I’ll be honest with you and share this, I didn’t know how to operate a computer even when my B. Com was complete, I had no clue how to start a computer.

Q: KT how did it change from a CA to a trader, what changed in between?

A: After completing my initial education I went to Surat to pursue Chartered Accountant Course, during that time I learnt how to operate a computer and gave my first PPT presentation in front of over a thousand CA Students and Chartered Accountants.

I gave the CA Final exam but couldn’t crack it and it felt like the end of everything. But I was determined to do something in life. I came to Pune to start my own business but unfortunately, stars were not in my favour and everything collapsed. I failed, I lost my all savings and at that point I had nothing.

I remember there was workshop hosted by Sneh Desai, named Change Your Life. I am a firm believer in, ‘One Idea Can Change Your Life’, and during that workshop that everything changed for me. I realised my talent and potential and thereafter everything was never before.

I set my foot in the world of the share market in 2014 and learnt everything related to it and then in 2020 I decided to teach people Option Trading.

Q: What is unique and different about the courses that you offer and the courses that are already in the market?

A: There is a qualitative difference. The course is sweat and blood of years of experience, knowledge and everything that I gained. Everything that I know is shared in these courses that will help students or learners in a very meaningful way. There are many Options Trading Courses in the market and people think option trading is risky, tough but in my course, I have explained it in very simple terms with the help of Option Chain, this helps individuals to predict the market trend whether it is an upward trend or a downward trend.

Through these courses everyone can get knowledge of strong support and strong resistance and market shifting whether it is towards the top or the bottom.

With these courses, I am on a mission to create 1,00,000 Option Traders.

Q: What will be your advice to people who are out there looking to start Options Trading?

A: I want to convey them that Options Trading is not a ‘Get Rich Overnight Scheme. If you want to start Options Trading then first learn it. Learning is very important. If you have the proper knowledge, you can start Options Trading with as little as 5,000 INR.

Thank you KT for your time it was so good to have you with us.

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