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How does Basidia redefine the NEET UG Preparation?



The pandemic has severely hit the world and it has resulted in collapsing many sectors. The education sector was one on the list that has been affected by the Covid -19, especially in India. The schools have closed down and the teachers along with their students migrated to various online platforms for conducting the daily classes. India has a highly competitive education sector comprising different competitive examinations. Adverts on all possible platforms showcasing happy pictures of students who made whooping results in different competitive examinations prove it.

An ocean of competitions

Competitive examinations need a lot more than hard work, especially the NEET. The preparation should be started one or two years prior to the examination. Early preparation could aid Med aspirants in gaining a solid understanding of the topics and ideas. The difficulty level of subjects like Physics is another reason they say.

Is the determination enough for them to crack such an examination? No, they also need a good tutor or trainer who coaches them well academically and mentally. Along with the educator they need well-organised study materials, exam-oriented mock tests, revision scheduler, effective timetables etc.

High competition means high pressure.

Students might be experiencing pressures from every nook and cranny. Scoring fewer marks in practice tests, realising the difficulty level and vastness of topics, demotivating words from Parents or close relatives etc can push them to the verge of tension and stress.

These days many students are complaining about the stress they undergo while doing their preparation. Many of them are sad that they weren’t able to join a  reputed coaching centre as planned earlier. Some are even worried that they are not going to clear the NEET examination without getting into any of these coaching institutions.

How can Basidia help NEET Aspirants?

High competitive examinations like NEET need high priority coaching and Basidia has utilised modern technology in an innovative way to accomplish it. Basidia is an online learning platform that deals with the highly competitive medical entrance test called NEET. Founded by doctors and aimed to uplift the medical aspirants, Basidia does its job with high determination and dedication.

Basidia helps students in building better learning habits. A NEET relevant concept a day keeps your fear away. This is exactly what Basidia does with their chapter-wise segregated question bank. Students can choose to learn NEET relevant topics of their interest. Students who use Basidia regularly are found to have developed a systematic approach to learning since everything is well segregated and curated as per the needs of students.

The best way to deal with the NEET is to have better practice methods. Their full-length mock tests are the exact simulations of real-time  NEET exams. It helps students to understand the exam pattern as well as develops their time management skills. The detailed scorecard at the end of each mock test provides insight into where the students stand among their peers. In comparison to the tests offered by various coaching centres in a constrained environment, the advantage of Basidia is that it provides students with greater exposure in a way that a student who attends Basidia’s mock test competes on a pan-India level.

Basidia app has 33000 + MCQs with detailed solutions. The NEET relevant question patterns such as image-based questions, statement based questions and lots more are segregated chapter-wise. High yield points are curated in the form of keys and segregated into Hot, Warm & Cold according to their importance. 650+  hours of video lectures let the students revise at their own pace.

Interactive Lectures

Basidia conducts 4 to 6 interactive NEET oriented live classes daily. Subject matter experts conduct these classes live on youtube. They have two different channels that conduct different sessions. MCQ discussions, Previous year question paper discussion, shortcuts to learn different concepts are exclusively done in one and other features, the interactive live classes on different NEET topics. Students including the subscribers as well the non-subscribers can attend these sessions for free. The same classes will be updated on their youtube channel soon after the completion.

Affordability is their moto

Coming to the pricing of Basidia, it is competitively priced to assist students from all socioeconomic levels. About 20% of the contents including the Keys, MCQs & selected mock tests are available free for all the students. Students who need to improve their performance can upgrade to cost-efficient subscription plans. Compared with other study platforms, Basidia is 5 to 8 times nominal.

Check out their app on Playstore –

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