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How Meddco Made Life Easier for Many People



Everyone knows that illness does not come by asking for one’s name, address, and time. Anyone can fall ill at any time. So everyone should be prepared in advance to face and cure the disease. In earlier times, people avoided and cured diseases by nutritious diet, routine, and home remedies. But today’s lifestyle has become irregular and chaotic. In this way, people are getting more sick. 

Therefore, people need to be aware of avoiding and curing the disease. For this, the internet has emerged as a helper of the people. Information about all types of diseases, their treatment, and doctors are available on the internet today. But searching various websites for information on various diseases and doctors can be a long and time-consuming process.

Dr Sanjit Paul, considering this problem, thought of a solution about the convenience of the people. Hence, he brought in the concept of Meddco. Dr Sanjit Paul, Founder of Meddco, said customers should have the right to know, compare prices and opt for the most affordable surgical or healthcare treatment package digitally in one place. With this idea, Meddco was created. Dr Sanjit Paul’s innovative idea made life easier for many. 

How Meddco made life easier?

As Dr Paul thought, Meddco provides cost comparison of various surgery treatment packages at a single platform. You do not need to go to different websites to know about different health problems. You will get all the information on one website. In this way, people’s time will also be saved, and there will be no confusion.

How does Meddco help people?

Meddco contains information on surgical procedures, diagnostic tests, and other healthcare services from more than 17,000 hospitals. Hence, you compare and opt for the most affordable surgical or healthcare treatment package digitally in one place.

The essential points of Meddco to be considered are like this:-

First of all, what is Meddco? Meddco is an online platform in the form of a website and an application that provides all the information related to healthcare, such as doctors, hospitals, treatment packages, etc. Meddco was established in the first quarter of 2018. Patients are connected to healthcare entities such as hospitals, diagnostic labs, and doctors through the online and app platform.

You can access this website from anywhere and any device because it is easy and free to use. You can download the meddco app from the Apple store and Google Play Store. Meddco app is free to download and use. Hence Meddco users can use its services completely free. The platform allows people in India to access transparent and cheap healthcare in any part of the country.

Compare and choose the best healthcare facility for you: – as we mentioned before, information on surgical procedures, diagnostic tests, and other healthcare services from more than 17,000 hospitals have been shown on Meddco, so it gives a fair opportunity to the users to compare prices of all the healthcare services, cost of surgeries and choose the best according to their needs and budget.  

Ratings of healthcare providers: Meddco provides ratings given by users of various healthcare providers based on their experience. These ratings help meddco users in comparing and selecting the best for them. You can rate any healthcare provider as good or bad based on your experiences. 

Meddco provides an elementary online booking facility to solve this problem. Online booking through Meddco- With an integrated appointment booking system, Meddco’s provider platform allows healthcare service providers to enroll their surgery and treatment packages online. 

Use suggestion platform: Patients can use their suggestion platform to find the operation or therapy package they need. Medical organizations can also use camp listings for marketing their healthcare brands and increasing foot traffic to their locations.

Vast piece of data: On Meddco’s platform, over 100000 doctors and 17,000 healthcare businesses such as hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic labs. Meddco has a database of over 300,000 surgery and treatment packages that can be searched through their app and website.

Healthcare camps near you: You can now locate health check-up camps in your area through Meddco. Reminders will be sent to you via in-app notifications, and regular health check-ups will ensure your excellent health.

Affordable healthcare packages: Meddco takes care of all its users, so it provides information about health facilities to the people so that there is no extra burden on the pockets of the people and their budget is not disturbed. Information about all types of health facilities, from expensive to affordable, is available on Meddco. In this way, Meddco users can choose the health facility according to their budget. 

So as given above, Meddco is the best and easiest way to know about health facilities and use them.

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