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How Primis Media is growing India’s biggest ignored Startups.



2021 was a great year for the Startup Ecosystem. We have 44 Unicorn startups, that is more than the last 10 years combined.

It is no surprise that these unicorn startups are aiming to go big in the Indian and international Market. It will be interesting to see that despite their high valuation, are they providing any major value to pump up their revenue and decrease their losses. Well, it is unusual that we are congratulating Startups that are getting funding and Agencies are desired to work with them. But in this process, we have forgotten that MSME are 64% contributors in the Indian economy. MSME or in fancy Words, These bootstrap companies are creating huge impact yet still underrated by agencies & News Portals. Due to Digitalisation, their business is severely affected and Their Digital voices are not reaching customers.

Primis Media has become their Digital voice. A Ghaziabad based Startup is helping these bootstrap Startups through Business Development Consultancy and Marketing Expertise. They are helping scale these low budget startups to reach various locations and newer clients.

Incorporated in 2020, Primis Media has been serving small startups to grow their business by providing their business the glow up it deserves. They provide consultation and digital marketing expertise maintaining maximum reach for all the enthusiastic entrepreneur throughout the country. The clients get to know of all the details and strategies required for their business to grow. The founder, Mr. Arpit Gupta and Co-founder, Mr. Achal Verma along with the team of 15 digital enthusiasts put their hearts in shaping the clients and making their business adaptable to all the market conditions.

When talking about Vision, Founder Arpit Gupta said, “Due to Covid and sudden Digital adoption, it has become necessary for every business to go digital and expand beyond their territory. India is sitting on Goldmine where international companies are eager to work with Indian talent and companies. They are bullish about India’s economic growth. Through Primis Media,we have envisioned for every MSME and bootstrap company to become part of this economic growth and help them go digital.”

So, how did Primis Media start?
“It is an experimental story” ,said Co-founder Achal Verma. “In November 2019, Arpit was working as a Marketing Manager in a reputed firm and I was running a Fitness startup where I needed his expertise in business development and marketing. We hit off and our work started. He gave me his business consultancy and Marketing Expertise. In 4 months, Startup was growing 5x and earning us good profit.

“In May 2020, I was stuck in my home”, said Arpit. “Achal called me and said “Many Agencies are either targeting Established brands or running behind Funded Startups. Why can’t we build a startup to help different bootstrap startups?” I then researched the market and saw it’s potential. It was the Blue Ocean for me. I joined hands with Achal because he was an expert in Sales and other Operations while I had an expertise in business development and Marketing Execution.

During a chilled winter, Primis Media got their first big break in December 2020 when a German Edutech startup approached them for business consultancy and Integrated marketing through Google ads.They did their best and again same client recommended them to other startups.

Till 2022, Primis Media has helped 60 Indian and International startups to grow and scale their businesses at a low cost. It is their mission to help grow and scale 1 million startups across the world.

Interesting thing is that Primis Media is themselves a bootstrap startup. They have worked in various industries like Food, Pharma, Edutech, Interior design, SaaS, Manufacturing, etc.

The Team of 15 people has expertise in Business Development, Strategic Marketing, Structure designing, Organic Online Growth, Paid Campaign, Content Management And Social Media Presence.

While talking about their future plans, Aniket Tandale, one of the members of the team said that “Many bootstrap and small scale businesses are lacking in building technology and Digital presence to showcase their work. They are only targeting Indian clients. We are building a system where Indian businesses can target and work with international clients. This system will indirectly help the Indian Ecosystem to grow in the International Market. If products can be manufactured at mass scale, why can’t digital services?

Primis Media is One of the growing bootstrap startups trying to make a dent in the International market. Their Vision and Approach is something that aspired to help the small businesses which are crushed by big giants to help them grow further. It is exciting to see how this new startup will change the landscape and fate of India’s biggest economy contributors.

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