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How Taravu Technology is revolutionizing the Digital Marketing Industry?



Marketing has become a costly affair for MSMEs.  Even Social Media, which was initially used by small enterprises has become unaffordable due to intense competition from major players.  After the pandemic, Social Media has become a major marketing medium for all enterprises due to the huge influx of digital penetration during the pandemic.  

This intense competition has made small enterprises suffer a lot.  As Major players take over social media, high-quality content with frequent and consistent posting is needed to stay in the game.  This is very difficult for small enterprises as they have to do this in addition to their regular work, unlike a major corporation that will have a marketing team or high-end agency.

This pain point was addressed by two young entrepreneurs, Humaayun Mohamed and Arvinda Prabhu.  Both Humaayun and Arvinda were MBA Marketing Graduates and wanted to help MSMEs and startups in their Marketing.  Both of them were close friends from school days and they came together to help small enterprises and MSMEs.

Small Enterprises suffer due to two main reasons – Lack of Technical Expertise and affordable Digital Marketing agencies to do all the marketing activities on their behalf.

They founded Taravu Technology, a Chennai based affordable Adtech startup that provides marketing and branding services on subscription.

MSME can subscribe to different services starting from ₹2999.  MSME can choose the services of their need and can upgrade or downgrade the plans each month.  They can also add additional services when required.  

Saas products revolutionised the Software industry and with Saas-type subscription services, Taravu Technology is making a tremendous effort to revolutionise the Marketing Industry.

They Provide complete services at the most affordable prices starting from Website creation, Graphics Creation, Social Media Marketing to Branding. They can also utilise premium features like Motion Graphics, Photography and Videography services.

Saas like the Subscription model was a boon for MSMEs as they don’t have to get committed to a huge sum of contracts without getting any result.  

They never stopped with corporate branding and extended their services to both Businessmen, Entrepreneurs for Personal Branding.

Personal Branding for their clients is done by curating and producing content for their clients and repurposing them on more than 15 social media.  Social media includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Spotify, Youtube etc.

Branding for Personality requires an identity that must be consistent, clear and unique to their original personality, unlike corporate brands where we can change the brand positioning and identity at will.  

They understand this at best and always work to achieve the best brand identity for their client by synergizing the age-old branding concepts with new-age content generations and community management.  

Personal branding helps entrepreneurs to connect better with potential clients and break the glass ceiling.  Moreover, in the likes of Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and Bill Gates, Personal Branding helps the entrepreneur to be more than their company and drives the people to see their skill in whatever they do.

They are a team of dynamic and passionate marketers making an impact on social media and driving business growth. They are growing at a faster pace and started taking clients from all over the world.

Contact them for Digital Marketing & Branding for your personal and corporate brands.

Taravu Technology

Humaayun Mohamed –  +917904810398




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