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How The Digital Preneur Hub is Helping Students Attain Financial Freedom



The digital preneur hub is your one-stop solution to earn money and get financially independent. Harsh started his journey as a student when he was in 12th. One day he was scrolling his Instagram when a random person messaged him asking if he would like to work and earn money to which he sceptically said yes but it was only after two months that he started working.

Harsh does network marketing and affiliate marketing and he helps people, especially students earn and also provides courses regarding digital skills. The inception of The Digital Preneur Hub was inspired by Flp, an affiliate marketing company that helps and aids people, especially students. Harsh has always been ambitious about doing something different that would give people a platform to get financially stable.

When he entered the field of network marketing, he was a student who was preparing for the CA Foundation exam and he was never sure that he would grow in this field and choose this as a career. But as destiny had different plans for him he grew up to be a Senior Manager at Forever Living Products but as he was ambitious and passionate about different things so he started his own company, alongside working in Forever.

Himself, he started as a student who was waiting to earn and live a life where he could do all the things without being dependent on anyone and when he encountered Forever Living, he was stunned and shocked to know that one could earn and live a successful life without any degree. He, just a 12th student who rose to the level of Senior Manager is an inspiration to many. It was his hard work and dedication towards what he was doing and the outcome is visible today. 

But like many, his journey wasn’t so easy. To put it in the word as Harsh says, “I have seen various phases of life. There was a time I was at peak and there were times where I was alone and devastated but the will to not give up and fight made me stronger.” It was his attitude that brought success to him.

“I gave up on giving up,” says Harsh. And then in April 2022, the Digital Preneur Hub was launched to provide a platform to students where they could see the world differently and stand aside from the rest of the crowd. Over 4 months, the company’s revenue has touched over 50 lacs and keeps growing every month. Success does not come without failures and difficulties, here also one of the hurdles that keep coming up is the tag of being a fraud or a cheat.

He recalls the time when he started and says, “When I started, my parents and my relatives told me that it was a fraud and I should not get into anything like this and make no financial investment but had I accepted what they were saying I would not have made it till here.” Similar problems arise today as well. He says, “People think if we are asking for investment, we will cheat them but it is well known that to start something you need to invest and this multiplies over time.”

But with the Digital Preneur Hub building, a community of like-minded they are also focusing on making people aware of investments and Harsh himself is engaged in this process. He has guided and mentored over a hundred students and keeps on doing it to date. He has inspired a lot of them but his inspiration comes from Ashutosh Parihast, a speaker and a motivational speaker. He takes a lot of motivation and inspiration from Ashutosh.

As the Digital Preneur Hub is expanding, they wish to help students, especially those who are talented and need financial support across the globe and help these students grow, develop and build a life where they are successful.

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