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Hrishiraj : The Ace designer behind Pixoury, a vector art platform



The founder of Pixoury, Hrishiraj was awarded the prestigious ANN award for the best reels in the category of Digital OTT Platform”

To grab eyeballs on social media, one needs to come up with unique and relatable content. One such story is of ‘Pixoury’ on Instagram. With a new technique of combining pixel perfect vector art of Bollywood stars and classic songs Hrishiraj managed to create a massive community of people who are interested in Indian Music and vector art. Pixoury, first went viral on Instagram in December 2020 and since then it has been receiving love on other short video platforms too. As Pixoury began to become popular, its cumulative audience skyrocketed to more than 900K people and views more than 200 million on its Instagram, Moj, Josh & Youtube videos.

Failing to gather an audience on social media several times, Hrishiraj focused on creating unique, entertaining and relatable content for people to consume while scrolling their Instagram feed. After various attempts and design approaches eventually he was successful in creating a community of its own through Pixoury. Not just that, he keeps his audience entertained with the activities like The Sunday Quiz & Pixoury’s custom filters.

Today, Pixoury’s reels are appreciated by top Bollywood stars and leading music labels. You will find Pixoury collaborating with India’s top musicians and stars on a regular basis. To empower other creators and general audience, Hrishiraj has uploaded a tutorial  on how to create videos like Pixoury with free softwares on Pixoury’s YouTube channel . You can suggest a song, share your singing videos or share anything related to music via replying to the relevant highlight or the post on @pixoury.

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