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Husband and Wife Duo is Changing the Face of Photography Industry, Read How;



Capturing the moments is important, and more important is understanding the story behind those photographs. People who create memories together stay together. Hence it is very important to have people who understand what photography is and what photographs mean. Someone who can understand emotions well and a team that is full of experienced professionals, skills, and creativity. We found that NOTYi Photographers is one of the best to cater to all your needs. 

NOTYi Photographers based in Chandigarh is run by Pratima Thakur and Hrsimrn Singh, wife and husband in relation. This couple has revolutionised the wedding photography and filming industry. Our team interviewed the couple and learned about their experience in this industry. Here are the excerpts from the interview.

Q: How was NOTYi Photographers established? 

A: (By Pratima) Hrsimrn started it even before we met. He was running an advertising agency that also offers commercial shoots, and I joined him as a makeup artist and stylist. Later on, we fell in love, and as the emotions were brewing up, we decided to jump into wedding photography as we just loved to be surrounded by families and capture emotions. This is how it all started.

Q: Why it is named as NOTYi Photographers? 

A: (by Hrsimrn) It’s a failure story behind it. I never wanted to be a photographer, though. While running my ad agency, I dealt with photographers, and I felt this was one of the most unorganised markets. So, I planned to build a community and regulate things for them, mainly supporting the young talents. But even after building a good number of members, I faced a significant setback as there were a lot of indifference. Nobody heard me. It might be I was also inexperienced in this industry at that moment.

The community that me and my brother, Trnvir Singh, built together was named NATIONAL ORGANIZATION OF TALENTED YOUNG INDIAN PHOTOGRAPHERS (NOTYi Photographers)

So, I decided to carry forward this name and established our brand with a vision that if we cannot directly organise or benefit them, let it be an inspiration one day. That’s what we are working on.

Q: What are the benefits when you work professionally with each other?

A: (by Hrsimrn) We firmly believe it is very important to understand a couple and who can understand couples better than couples themselves?

As a couple, we completely understand the requirement of the family. In this industry, people must open up about themselves. In this regard, while some are comfortable talking to males, others are comfortable opening up with females, especially with the brides. Pratima connects well and understands everything they want. There we have a plus hand.

I also believed that this industry lacked the essence of genuine emotions and understanding. But today, many female photographers and couples have taken it in the right direction.

(By Pratima): I’d like to add that when the couples have discussions about how they want it, they expect someone like a friend to them. We aren’t in a relationship of vendor and customer but of friends- a group of friends talking. 

Q: What are the departments that you both handle?

(By Hrsimrn) We handle different departments though we manage things together. Still, to provide the finest qualities, I handle pre-production and executing shoots, and Pratima handles the post-production and editing, which is the backbone of our films. This allows us to work efficiently and effectively, providing the best results. However, Pratima is excellent in building concepts for pre-wedding. We directed most of them together, which makes them stand out. 

Pratima is super multi-talented as she also owns a Makeup & Styling Company where she offers her services with her team to our clients whenever they require on shoots or otherwise.

Q: What is something that is notable about working as a couple?

A: (Both together) We agree on the same parts and disagree on the same.

(By Pratima) Say If there is a location, and if I don’t like it, Hrsimrn will have the same opinion about it.

(By Hrsimrn) Also, we quarrel and argue less when it comes to business. Although we quarrel a lot in personal life. But for Business, we respect and value each other’s expertise. We understand this as a couple and as businesspersons, which help us grow. This is the reason we, as a couple, are running a successful venture. The compatibility and the understanding matter.

This was in conversation with colleagues-turned-couples-turned-business partners who have been running a successful wedding photography company for almost a decade now.

You can visit their website to go through their work and learn more about them: 

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