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Rivan Sports Info Unveils “Winkit Sports” App in Hyderabad



Hyderabad based Rivan Sports Info has launched their one of its kind mobile app “Winkit Sports” that is in Google Play Store. it will be made available in the App Store just in few days. 

The app has some exciting features which helps players in making location-based search selecting their level of coaching as Basic, Intermediate, Advanced or Professional with a set of criteria ranging from coach credentials, experience, skills to achievements, relieving thereby from many complexities in identifying a suitable Coach. Players can make use of services by subscribing through the app on a monthly basis to the services of a coach for customised training. Similarly, players can take prior appointment of Physios for early recovery from any injury, Nutritionists for maintaining their physical fitness, Sports Technical Analysts for identifying areas needing improvement. The app covers 28 sports including track & field.  

SS Sravan, a CA and the Director in the company said, “India is a land of incredible talent, be it music, dance or sports. For Sports, we do not have a mechanism in place at the entry level for identification of talent, bringing them to the mainstream. Players need experienced coaches to groom their skills. There is a dearth of Coaches’ meeting international standards. In this connection, we are trying to build a network of Coaches including the those certified by National Institutes of Sports (NIS), Federations, Physical Education Teachers and those who have participated at National or International sports events in the past to share game techniques, strategies and in adapting international best practices to improve their coaching skills par excellence”.

“Assessment and Scheduling modules help coaches in making a player’s Fitness Assessment, making a Practice Session Plan to improve their skills and in monitoring the progress. Based on Assessment Tests results, coaches can suggest to players, the best suitable sport” he felt.

“Assessment module provides a report giving comparison of players’ sports fitness with standard parameters. A comparison with baseline is available if the user undertakes reassessment. Coach can identify areas requiring improvement based on this report. The App enables the Coaches to make systematic Practice Session Plan for a month considering identified weak areas using ‘Scheduling’. The Players can prepare their own Practice Session Plan where Coach availability is scarce”.

The app facilitates location-based search and booking of available slots of all Sports Venues. There are currently many apps available in the market providing a similar service. Sports venue bookings are predominantly used by people who play sports for leisure. Most of them are of higher age group and our key focus is on their children who consider sports as a career.

“We are in the process of making educational videos. The content is useful to players living mainly in smaller towns where finding a coach is almost impossible. We have divided these educational videos into different categories based on the key skills needed to become a player. We are rolling out Badminton videos shortly and other sports to follow suit. With this content, players can learn basics and improve their skills up to intermediate level. Advanced level skills and techniques they can learn with the help of a Coach once they reach intermediate level at a later point of time. 

“We want to be a catalyst through our app in producing players with competitive skills who can get results in the international sporting arena, bringing sports personnel together and creating synergy”, he added.

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