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India’s First CLEAR beverage Protein.



Meet the Couple Entrepreneurs Vinit Kumar and Bhagyalakshmi Jayanna, who are trying to change the way you consume Whey by launching India’s First CLEAR beverage Protein.

Vinit has been a passionate serial Entrepreneur, his love for innovation has kept him hooked to product development. Be it Software or Nutritional Supplements, he aces it with ease. Few of his achievements in his kitty – Some of the finest institutions in INDIA and International have been using the ERP developed which has also been executed by him. During his fitness journey, he was inspired to innovate in the Nutritional supplements segment. That’s when Protyze came into existence in the year 2018 with CLASSIC Whey Protein which 200+ Doctors across the Nation are clinically prescribing.

On the other hand, Bhagya’s outgoing nature, passion for exchanging thoughts, learning new languages, and urging her to create a scaling career, exposed her to the Sales industry. She has been nailing it in every segment she has worked. A versatile Sales Professional holds a strong 13 years of experience in the Domestic & International industry. She is an X-OLA, X-TOI. She has also worked with a couple of promising Startups. Her enthusiastic charisma is a boon that has held her in a strong position even after having her hands full with a toddler. Her all-time favourite saying “You take a break from stress, not from what you love. I love cracking deals and watching numbers grow!”

In 2019, with 11 months of intense R&D, India’s FIRST CLEAR Whey Isolate was launched in 2020 in Refreshing & Fruity Flavours. CLEAR Whey Isolate is 99.9% Lactose-Free, Gluten-Free & ZERO gram added sugar. Protyze is not just another white label brand. The focused vision is to enable protein intake in the most loved beverage form in our daily lifestyle. Their lifestyle flavours like traditional Indian NIMBU PANI, a mix of lemon & cardamom to a mock-tail protein like COSMOPOLITAN and PINA COLADA, bring a new change in how we can intake protein by actually enjoying it as a delightful beverage with our food, at work desk or during the workout. After their massive success in the parent country, Protyze is eyeing its expansion in the MENA & Asia Pacific Region with their range of CLEAR Proteins. All their upcoming products focus on CLEAR technology, enabling the consumer to enjoy the refreshing beverage flavours, unlike gulping the milky Protein shakes. By now, protein has been a vital component in our daily lives. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, majority of the crowd has been focusing on fitness and physical health. Protyze, with their unique beverage Protein, is making a mark in the consumer product with their rather intriguing flavours, which mostly is enjoyed in every Indian household. 

Being a Fitness Enthusiast themselves, their vision is as CLEAR as their products put into the market, these entrepreneurs rightly know what they get to their table.

CLEAR Whey protein is in stock and available for purchase through Protyze website www.Protyze.Com and 

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