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India’s Most Disruptive Startups The Earnoledge Duo.



Written by Earl Joseph.

Founded in 2018 by Arup Chatterjee, Earnoledge agency is a casual digital marketing agency that grew and developed into India’s first neurotic advance digital marketing.

The startup landed a new era in the Digital Marketing world. Earnoledge used the most advanced technology and built the best marketing empire. But that’s not all. Earnoledge dropped another bomb with Future schooling, India’s first Hybrid schooling technology startup, signed contacts with 39 schools, and trained over 7800+ students for life-ready skills. But let’s see how the founders explain everything.

Hi, I am Arup Chatterjee. You know me as an advanced marketer, a founder, a learner, but no one knows how it all started. It started after I came out of my school during the vacations after my 10th final exams. I became interested in making money. Money is really important to me as I always lack it. I never had pocket money, and I needed to account for any penny I asked for from my family, so I tried to find a way and started my journey with the internet. I started blogging and got my first affiliate website up and ranked and started making affiliate commissions and ad revenue, and the day I got my first payout, I was the happiest person on planet earth. But happiness wasn’t permanent. I lost my father, and now I am back to nothing like the financial condition of our home was broken. Now I have two ways to cry and curse or get up and fight, and I chose to fight. I started selling website development services to local businesses, and that was the beginning of Earnoledge Agency. I sit hours in the local business owners’ shops until they hear me and say a yes. I earned and invested again in learning more of the craft and being with 319+ brands today serviced with us. We are killing both national and international markets. But then came a pint in 2019. I was with my colleagues discussing how we all young types of blood build the empire purely on our skills and how most of the young talent is being wasted because they don’t get trained for the right skills.

Then came the future schooling where we believe in changing the whole system with a better approach creating hubs in every area of India, partnering with traditional schools, and building the most advanced and skillful learning environment.

Every student today in any Earnoledge hub learns to be the best in their unique way, while the old schooling system only focused on the top 3%. We designed it for the masses. We believe in Knowledge that helps you earn and survive that what earnoledge stands for.

I started it because I know the pain of every Indian when you invest your life in your dreams to find a job but turn up unemployed. That is what motivated me to be one of the people who build future schooling to revolution education. We are trying to bring in new programs driven by the top brands and tailored according to their hiring needs which means now you can get hired directly after our six-year program, which starts from 6th standard to 12th standard. You are allowed to experience every passion you have, and we find a way at Earnoledge Future schooling to train you how to monetize it, and that’s the whole beginning of the journey.

That’s a great journey, Mr Arup. Wish you more success ahead.

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