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Indore-based stock market analyst firm DMC is the lifesaver for retail investors.



The firm provides consultation and training to protect the interest of retail intra-day investors.

The purpose of investment is to invest in the right kind of stocks that would give good returns and create wealth. with this vision, the Indore-based young entrepreneur Prithviraj Singh started his stock market venture and developed the brand Dolla Minnin Club (DMC). This organisation is the mirror of his passion and dedication for the stock market.

Stock investments come with their own share of risk. The reason why small and new entrants in the segment need someone to guide them through the available stocks as Trainer and consultant DMC, through a lot of studies, and experience, understand what would work best as per investors’ risk appetite and provide suggestions that help one to grow financially.

According to Prithviraj, the stock market is not rocket science. It’s all about studies, knowledge, dedication. But at the same time, one should be aware of the market. 

From his teens, Prithviraj was known to be very curious about finance and Marketing. His initial learning about stock came from his job. His passion magnified during his job days, and he started investing in a few small trades. This further boosted his confidence and made him better each day.

He understood that great traders are very rare, and to become a great technical analyst; he has to use the clearly defined system and stick to the rules- to understand that market does what it does. This will separate him as a trader from the rest of the lot. He started teaching when he thought that his skills and knowledge were good enough. His mission and vision are only to teach more and more people to be financially independent. He has provided a lot of ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ of the stock market, which helps small and beginners avoid some distinctive mistakes of the average investor.

He then established a firm, DMC. The firm provides consultation and training to protect the interest of retail intra-day investors. It works on the paid membership concept. His extraordinary ability to blend business skills, knowledge of market capitalization with modern technology and data analytics in the best possible way to ensure the desired results made him climb the success ladder in a very short period. In addition, DMC provides 24*7 support to their members through WhatsApp and gives them personal guidance whenever required. 

Before Entering in any particular stock, as an analyst, DMC arrives at its reports and recommendations by examining large amounts of data – earnings reports, balance sheets, the economic environment they’re operating in, peers performance comparison, and the stock’s price, P/E ratio and other fundamental data. The reason his hit-success ratio is very high. DMC is a person with a long-term vision and a passion for excelling in whatever he does. His goal is to reach a point where he can afford to offer his services free of charge to the new entrants. His ultimate goal is to abolish all myths related to the stock market.

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