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“Innovation: The Key to Global Leadership in Pharma Industry, Asserts Minister Mandaviya”



In a compelling call to action, Union Minister Mansukh Mandaviya has underscored the critical importance of innovation within India’s domestic pharmaceutical industry. He passionately urged the sector to prioritize research and development efforts towards creating innovative products, positioning the nation to ascend the global pharmaceutical value chain and eventually achieve industry leadership on the world stage.

Minister Mandaviya, who also holds the portfolio of the Chemical and Fertilisers ministry, made these remarks during a recent address, emphasizing the need for a transformative shift in the industry’s approach. His vision is not just to meet local demands but to foster a dynamic ecosystem that can compete and excel in the global pharmaceutical arena.

The pharmaceutical industry in India has long been recognized for its capacity to produce high-quality generic medicines at competitive prices, providing affordable healthcare solutions for millions across the globe. However, Mandaviya’s call for innovation signals a shift from merely being a generics powerhouse to a sector capable of pioneering new, groundbreaking medicines and therapies.

The minister rightly highlighted that India’s potential in the pharmaceutical sector is not confined to generic drugs alone. It extends to discovering and developing novel drugs, biotechnological advancements, and cutting-edge medical technologies. Embracing this transformation can yield numerous benefits, including enhanced global recognition, increased exports, and a stronger position in the ever-evolving global pharmaceutical landscape.

Furthermore, Mandaviya’s appeal extends to the medical technology segment as well. He urged Indian medical technology companies to venture into producing critical equipment that can meet global standards. This move not only helps in reducing dependence on imports but also bolsters India’s reputation as a manufacturing hub for high-quality medical devices and equipment.

Investing in research and development (R&D) and fostering a culture of innovation within the pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors is a pivotal step towards achieving self-reliance. It enables the creation of indigenous solutions for healthcare needs while also making India a dependable global supplier. Moreover, it opens doors to collaborations and partnerships with global pharmaceutical giants, fostering knowledge exchange and technology transfer.

India’s pharmaceutical sector has displayed resilience and adaptability, especially during challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic, when it ramped up production of critical medicines and vaccines. By embracing innovation, this industry can not only respond to global healthcare crises more effectively but also proactively shape the future of medicine and healthcare.

In conclusion, Minister Mansukh Mandaviya’s call for the Indian pharmaceutical industry to prioritize innovation is both timely and visionary. It reflects a broader strategy to elevate India’s status from being a generics manufacturer to an innovation-driven global pharmaceutical leader. This transition holds immense promise for India’s economy, healthcare system, and its standing in the global arena. Embracing innovation will not only benefit the industry but also enhance healthcare accessibility and affordability for people both within and outside India’s borders.

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