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InoKart Founder Juhi Singh, Women Entrepreneur Innovating Lives Of People



InoKart is an outsourcing producer of innovative everyday home utilities that ships to over 26,000 pin codes throughout India. It features both business-to-business and business-to-consumer models. Its products are available on all major E-commerce platforms including Amazon, Flipkart, Shopsy, Snapdeal, Indiamart, Trade India and many others. 

It was named the best startup at the EDC IIT Delhi’s Becon 2021 conference.

By manufacturing and selling top-notch quality items in the market, the firm has quickly gained attention in its product arena. With its inventive solutions, it is enhancing people’s daily life experiences. It is centred on providing a personalized consumer experience.

The Founder’s Story 

A 23-year-old aspiring entrepreneur, Juhi Singh is pursuing a bachelor of physiotherapy degree at Delhi’s Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU). She created InoKart which is India’s first innovative home utility brand.

At so young an age, she has numerous titles in her name. She was a data researcher for a startup established at FITT, IIT Delhi.  She has worked with several national NGOs;  Bhumi NGO assigned her their Delhi Co-ordinator.

She was a volunteer for the United Nations Volunteers (UNV). She was also a participant in the NSRCEL IIM Bangalore Women Startup Program (WSP). She is also the State Coordinator for the Delhi Region of the Women Indian Chamber Of Commerce And Industry (WICCI).  She has been a speaker and guest of honour at various events organised by some renowned universities in India. She also received the “Young Achiever ” award at FEMCON 2022 organised by Jaipur Physiotherapy Network. Her plan includes going abroad for her master’s in business studies.

How InoKart Came To Be

During her research internship, Singh discovered that IITs and NITs produce a wide range of helpful and creative things, as part of projects and research.

However, common people are completely unaware of them. As a result, she pitched the concept of selling these items to her acquaintances both inside and outside of the institutions. To sell them, they created a website.

They later found that the target market for these items isn’t as large as they thought. As a result, they began to consider what other product categories they may be able to market. The concept was the same: sell creative things that can better people’s daily lives.

After research, they discovered that the following categories had a large client base: kitchen, cleaning, personal care, and children. That is how InoKart was born. InoKart is short for ‘innovation in your shopping cart; products that make your life better and more efficient.

“Do proper research and analysis before investing… Work with sales channels and good networking… A loss-making company can’t survive for long even on funding from investors. Keep control of cash burn since day one. Go strategically, and keep an eye on market needs and demands. And trust me you will be unstoppable.”

It started as a dropshipping business, but the profit margins were too low. The quality control technique was very difficult as well. As a result, they established the InoKart brand as a manufacturer of innovative home utilities.

InoKart is now being mentored at IIT Bombay’s E-cell.

Advice From A Young Entrepreneur

According to Singh:

“Never start a startup because you always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Instead, start it for the sake of the problem that people are facing and you can offer them a solution to it through your venture.”

She says the four most important things when starting a company are your product, your brand value, your mentors, and your sales. Without one, the other wouldn’t be.

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