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  • Tell us a bit about yourself

I am a PhD Research Scholar, a budding poetess and an Ardent writer. I am working in a Corporate firm last 5 years and my passion and hobby is to convert my feelings in the form of poems and stories and converting thoughts into books.

I have also published 22 research articles in International peer reviewed journals on Stress Management.

Along with writing, I am a Senior Grade Certified Carnatic Music singer and won many prizes and accolades for the same at National Level. I am a bibliophile, good at Acrylic art and pencil drawings and is passionate about varied interests. I love to spend time with my pets and play with them. I am also a certified Reiki healer, Certified Animal Communicator, A Tarot reader, Certified Angel Therapist, and intends to help people who are suffering in their day to day lives

  • What inspired you to take up writing?

The turning moment in my life was this pandemic situation. When I saw everyone around me were tensed about this pandemic and was stressed out about their day to day life, I thought why not find a way to de stress.. and being a PhD Research scholar in Stress Management, I thought it’s the right time to start a book and express my opinions and ways to conquer stress.

I wanted to bring a change in the society and among the people through my thought provoking and thought changing books. Covid impacted me and made me to write a book, while others were cribbing about being stuck inside home and not able to go out and breathe fresh air, here I was sitting and looking at various perspectives of people and how they were affected by this situation, either financially, mentally, and I tried to analyse what was the reason behind such stress and what can be done to bring people out of the Stress cage.

  • What is your take on plagiarism in the writing community? Any suggestions on how writers can safeguard themselves from such practices?

Yes, Plagiarism definitely is taking a toll on todays writing practices. People need to be more careful while writing. It is definitely not wrong to take something from the internet, however one needs to know how to rephrase it instead of just copying and pasting it. Proper references should also be given to where the information is taken from.

  • Which is your favorite genre to write on?

Romance and Thriller are my most favorite genres to write my books on, however I still haven’t written books on these. There are two new novels under construction and they belong to these two genres.

Other than these I like writing Non fiction books, they are the real things rather than just imagination and creativity.

  • Tell us a bit about your writing journey so far.

Everyday was interesting enough in writing the book on Stress, because I was interacting with many people from different profession and asking their experience about stress, I heard different experiences and few were interesting and few were disheartening too, which motivated me to write in depth about this stress concept and to help people come out of it!!! While writing, I covered almost all categories of people like Women, Men, Working and non working people, children, Youth, and even elderly people. All their inputs definitely helped me to finish my book on time and effectively too.

  • What according to you is your best literary work till date?

a. Are you Stressed? Are you ready to conquer it?

b. Winning Over Depression – Discover a Road to Recovery

I consider these two as my best works so far, as these are the most common problems faced by everyone. As per my desire, these books helped people and I felt my goal was achieved.

  • What are your upcoming projects in the literary field?

There are few interesting books coming up, on topics like Knowledge Management, Digital Capitalism, Project Management, Marketing Management.

And also two novels, one in Romance and Thriller Genre.

And I have also created few podcasts on Stress and few interesting topics which would be published in the upcoming days.

  • Who is your favorite writer? What would you do if you get to spend a day with your favorite writer?

This must be the toughest question of all till now.

I have been a bibliophile since I was 11 years old and my first book was Harry potter series and thereafter have read many books of Enid Blyton, Jacqueline Wilson, Agatha Christie, Jeffrey Archer, Elisabetta Dami. I realized every author had their own style in delivering their content to their readers, hence I consider all these authors are my role models from whom I need to learn a lot while delivering the content to audience.

But of these, I would definitely chose to spend a day with JK Rowling and Jacqueline Wilson, and would love to speak about lot of magic, fantasy, their literary journey and I guess a day itself wouldn’t be enough to know all these!!

  • How does it feel to be an award winner for your amazing work?

It feels really delightful and blissful to be an award Winner, I definitely felt motivated to write fine literary works. I would definitely thank all the jury members whoever has selected my works and considering my works to be worthy enough of awards and accolades.

Till now I felt really happy to have won, Limelight award, Was selected and awarded the top 100 Authors, Educationalists, Researchers by India Prime Awards 2021, Also Won the Best Debut Award and Best overall work by Elite Awards 2021. And was awarded Sahitya Khosh Samman 2021, Tagore commemorative 2021, for extensive Literary contribution, The Pride of India award by Cherry Book awards and Was recently awarded Best Aspiring Writer by Elitebook awards season 2. The best thing of all these was to be a holder of Phoenix book of record holder. These awards and accolades mean a lot to me as they keep on motivating me to write and more.

  1.  What would be your two-line advice to upcoming writers?

Just go with the flow and do not think about what others might think you!!! There are free publishers as well paid publishers, if you aren’t able to afford for paid publishers, do not feel sad and start publishing free. But make sure that your book reaches the right audience, choose proper marketing tools like social media usage.

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