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  • Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi am yogitha , Am from Hyderabad the city of pearls. Am a 90’s kid Grown up in a middle class family . My Goal is to serve our Nation because i believe ” Desh ki sewa se  bada koi aur dharam nahi hota”. Am a kind of introvert, I don’t like hanging out much though but I can assure people wont regret spending time with me..

  • What inspired you to take up writing?

Writing was always been a passion to me.  There is a saying to become a writer either your heart should be broken or you should fall in Love. In my case its both. What all i write is based on my personal experience. I believe writing is the best way to express my pain, my feelings and my experience

  • What is your take on plagiarism in the writing community? Any suggestions on how writers can safeguard themselves from such practices?

Plagiarism is something every writer goes through. But if you ask me a Real writer never copies other’s writing and give it their name. .A writer is someone who pen’s his/her thoughts. so if someone copies’  other’s writing then I don’t think it’s a good gesture towards their work..
• To avoid plagiarism, one should not mention his/her name when it’s  not their writing

• They shouldn’t Directly quote another person’s writing.

• Paraphrase  writing   re-write in your own words, Create something  new, though it matches few words the meaning shouldn’t match with the real writing..

• One shouldn’t mention his/her name by saying it’s their writing. They should give credits to a real writer..

  • Which is your favorite genre to write on?

       My favourite Genre is ”Poetry”

  • Tell us a bit about your writing journey so far.

I started my writing journey without even realising I will become a writer one day. Writing was always been a passion to me. I started my writing journey as a Co-Author. My first book as a Co-Author was “BLUE WHISPERS AT MIDNIGHT. Later I started participating in many anthologies where i got an opportunity to mingle with Author’s,Co-Author’s,Publisher’s,Media partner’s as well. ., My write-ups got published in leading media. Moving forward I would like to continue my journey as a writer. Because writing not only became a passion to me but now it became a Dream to me.

  • What according to you is your best literary work till date?

According to me my best literary work till today was in an Anthology BLUE WHISPER’S AT MIDNIGHT

  • What are your upcoming projects in the literary field?

I haven’t decided yet. But yes! am planning to write my debut book and I want myself to become a best selling Author in upcoming days.

  • Who is your favorite writer? What would you do if you get to spend a day with your favorite writer?

My favourite writer is Savi sharma. Her first debut book EVERYONE HAS A STORY is my favourite novel. If I get a chance to meet savi, then I would like to go out for a Coffee with her.

  • How does it feel to be an award winner for your amazing work?

Winning award for your work is something very satisfying. It make’s us feel proud for the work we do. These achievements are opportunities, which inspires us, which helps us to achieve more in coming days.

  • What would be your two-line advice to upcoming writers?

My advice to upcoming writers is If you are into writing then please follow your passion. Don’t bother about your grammar, your sentence infact don’t even bother what the outcome will be just remember what ever you write it should be from your heart, because that’s when people can feel your writing.

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1 Comment

  1. Muhiyudin

    October 22, 2021 at 8:16 am

    Great appreciation for your achievents.
    Keep going in full steam.
    Good luck,

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