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  • Tell us a bit about yourself

Ans- I’m Dr Daksha Rajeshkumar Udhani,a young passionate writer from Ahmedabad. I’ve completed my PHD in management and moreover I’m working on 175+ anthologies & 10+own compilations of books. I try to weave my words in beautiful poetry which expresses all the love, care and affection for the person. I believe, I’m a soul who is blessed by God to observe people, listen to their story and craft their thoughts into poetry. I’m an optimistic soul and search for happiness in everything. Writing is an emotion for me. Writing calms my soul. I can express every emotion through words, words are my power. I am a working professional working as a vice principal, teaching faculty and management consultant in a pre school, a chef by passion and moreover a home tutor since last 7 years, teaching the kids who are not blessed with much wealth but have strong learning power. I help them reach the pinnacle of success by giving them education

  • One person and so many talents together! How did you manage to ace them all?

Ans- I personally believe that a person should grab knowledge from wherever he or she gets. Indulging myself in various activities helped me to gain knowledge from various parts, managing all those stuffs was actually not so difficult, rather it was extremely interesting to do so.

  • Brief us about your journey so far.

Ans-I started writing when I was a school going child. I actually never got the opportunity and the platform to express my thoughts. When I was working on my masters, I got the very first opportunity to express myself and contribute my writing for books and henceforth I got the stage where I could be recognised in books as the co author, working for more than 50 books. I jumped to the second stage by compiling my own book with 50 co authors in it and simultaneously gaining  knowledge and adding wings to my writing career. I completed 175+ books as co author and 10+ own compilations. I got the platform where I have been recognised as the best writer, best poetess national and international. I have been part of various world record holdings like bravo international book of world records, forever star book of world records, KALAM’s book of world record etc.

  •  What according to you has been your most memorable achievement till date?

Ans- The most memorable achievement for me was when I was the winner of SUPER DADDY CONTEST organised by the national magazine Taare Zameen Par where I dedicated the letter to my real father and the soul father who left me an year ago. That was one of the biggest achievements for me to dedicate all my love for my dad.

  • What inspired you to take up writing?

Ans-I myself was my biggest inspiration, and the second were my parents who always wanted me to reach such a ladder where people can recognise me by my own identity. I have added the prefix Dr to my name, I have been an Author, I have been a chef too. I have done various activities among which writing is one of my favourites as it helps me to connect with my soul and helps me pen all the feelings and gestures of emotions on paper in the form of poetry.

  • What is that one skill you are extremely proud of possessing?

Ans- The best skill in me is I am like water, adjustable to every situation, which every person should be like. Being cunning is so easy in this cruel time but being as calm as water is very difficult. I choose to be like water- cool and calm which helps me to achieve the goals I have planned for myself.

  • What are your upcoming projects in both literary and non-literary fields?

Ans: In literary field, I am writing my solo poetry book which is going to be launched soon and apart from literary field, I have been working as a home maker and  tutor and would like to continue doing the same to teach the students who are blessed with the power of knowledge but not with wealth .I  help them by sharing more knowledge without charging any penny from them and meanwhile cooking is my love ;I love making cupcakes and donuts for my loved ones.

  • Who is your idol? What would you do if you get to spend a day with him/her?

Ans-My idol are my parents. I like to spend time with them but one of the major parts missing from my life is that my grandmother and my soul father left me in this pandemic situation, but to spend a day with them I just need to close my eyes and the next moment I can feel they are next to me. They have taught me to fight and to stay strong and reach more heights of success and I am sure I will give all the efforts so they may feel proud that I am their daughter.

  • How does it feel to be awarded as a multi-talented figure?

Ans-Being awarded as the MULTI TALENTED FIGURE is something very special for me because every talent of minehas got this stage to fly high and create new targets with it. I am blessed by the universe, by my parents and most importantly, Elite book Awards for choosing me for this honour and gestured me with this love. Thank you so much team.

  • On a scale of 10, how would you rate your love for writing compared to your other interests?

Ans- Rating my love for writing is 10 on 10 because although I am interested in doing other activities, I can skip them for my other stuffs but I can’t skip my writing as my writing is being loved by many people, my words have been the support system to many people, writing is something which gives me more power and strength to me and to my soul.

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