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  • Tell us a bit about yourself

I am a 23-year-old Engineer who is very passionate and enthusiastic. Till now I’ve entered and proved my excellence in various fields like Education, Research, Writings and Photography. I’ve bagged many national and international awards from various organisations in all the fields. I am a certified Researcher, Engineer and Writer. I’ve received many awards from many great Personalities across India as a Young Researcher and I was selected as the Reviewer of an International Journals at the age of 22 for which I was awarded with a place in “INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS”. Till now I’ve published around 6 research papers in International Journals. My first book on Indian History and Culture was listed among the “Seven Amazing Books by Indian Authors” in Dailyhunt, foxinterviewer and many other national Articles.

All these diverse interests earned me many awards like “KALAM RATNA AWARD” and many. I’ve bagged multiple awards in the field of research during my Engineering days. I’ve worked on a prestigious “Nano-Super Capacitors” project and published a research paper in ELSEVIER. Along with this, I’ve extended my research in many other fields like Galactic physics, Embedded systems and I’ve published around 6 papers in various international journals. In this process I’ve received multiple awards from Sathyabama University like “Student of the year”, “Star of Excellence” and many. My research earned me many prestigious national and international awards for the papers I’ve published and for the presentations I’ve given. One of the memorable awards which I’ve received is from ISRO for my presentation in the topic “TIME TRAVEL”. I’ve bagged a prestigious award “YOUNG RESEARCHER” from INSC and also awarded with a place in “INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS” for recognised as the youngest researcher and reviewer of international journals, there is another National Award from WRC stating me as “BEST RESEARCHER IN ELECTRONICS”.

  • One person and so many talents together! How did you manage to ace them all?

The only answer for this question is Passion. The one word which can drive us to many things and our time automatically gets adjusted. If we are passioned about something, we will give time to it, similarly I have passion on multiple things and it gave me the time to manage all the things together parallelly.

Basically, I’m working as an Engineer and parallelly I’m a researcher, writer, artist, editor and many things. Each and every skill motivates me to do more and more.

  • Brief us about your journey so far.

It all started when I’m a kid. Whenever our teachers ask us for our interests, many of my friends used to answer either writing or dancing or some other thing. But the strange feeling I had was, why can’t I have interest on all the things. It started from there and it is not going to stop till I am part of the history.

  • What according to you has been your most memorable achievement till date?

The most memorable achievement was “Best Presenter Award” from ISRO. It happened in my Engineering, I didn’t expect the award and started to move away after the competition. But suddenly I heard my name in the speakers and I ran back like hell and received the awards. That was the most memorable one in my life till date.

  • What inspired you to take up writing?

I came to know many stories which describes our Indian History through mouth spreading. When I enquired about the written docs, I didn’t get any. Then I thought to take up writing, which is a great thing to document all the known things to us.

  • What is that one skill you are extremely proud of possessing?

I’m proud of all the skills which I am possessing because every skill has its own status and earned me a lot of things and also made me learn many things. So, according to me each and every skill is very great in its own way.

  • What are your upcoming projects in both literary and non-literary fields?

Well, in the literary field there are a couple of projects which are on going an in the research field I’m working in an innovation which helps our society. In the field of Engineering currently I’m growing my skills.

  • Who is your idol? What would you do if you get to spend a day with him/her?

Well, I don’t have any idols, but my favourite persons are Stephen Hawkins and Adolf Hitler. If I get a chance to spend a day with them. I would take their suggestions in the topics like ‘time travel’ and ‘how to rule the world’.

  • How does it feel to be awarded as a multi-talented figure?

Actually it feels very great to receive this award. It literally boosts me up and increases my passion and interest to continue and work more and more.

  1. On a scale of 10, how would you rate your love for writing compared to your other interests?

Well, I cant compare my writing with other skills. But when it comes to my interest on writing I’ll rate it 10 out of 10. Because it gives me relaxation and inner peace.

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