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Invvex: An online investment platform for investing in Mutual Funds at zero commission



“Invexx is an online platform of efficient financial planners that helps you to invest in mutual funds at zero commission as per your financial goals and helps you to stay on top of your investment, during market risks.”

As a matter of course, Investment is essential. It multiplies your wealth and shows how you take responsibility for your financial security, which is the need of everyone’s life. If Investment is made correctly with a specific strategy, the returns generated from the Investment can undoubtedly give you financial stability in the future with a secured life. To illustrate more, one must be financially independent of accomplishing the goals in life. Invexx is one such platform that helps you make investments in Mutual funds, which is considered one of the best products for retail investors at zero commission and unbiased innovative advisory.

Invexx helps you to set and achieve your financial goals using a holistic and goal-based approach that combines actionable insights with the right financial tool of mutual funds. It even provides you with an option where you can avail of their 30 minutes free consultation session and start investing along with your investment management. They offer valuable advice and solutions with a wide variety of investment plans for mutual funds by balancing growth and security.

The team at Invexx is 100% customer-centric in their dealings with a significant focus on customer goals, and they spare no effort on building long-term relationships with their prospective clients. Invexx is an investment platform that strives to provide financial peace of mind with their extraordinary benefit. One can purchase mutual funds at 0 commission, 0 fees and 0 brokerages with tailored financial planning and wealth management designed to give clients the confidence to pursue their passion, dreams and aspirations.

There are three significant advantages of investing in Mutual funds with Index

● No fees and zero commission – Direct mutual funds do not have prices, brokerage, or commissions.

● Portfolio Rebalancing – Realigning the securities weights in a portfolio to maintain the target asset allocation and risk profile.

●Insta-switch – Move from regular to direct funds and change your everyday funds to direct funds in a few clicks with a 100% concession on commissions.

How does it work?

– Invexx understands the client’s personal and financial conditions.

– Precisely identifies and wisely selects ambitious goals

– Accurately analyze the client’s current financial condition.

– Collaboratively develop and present recommendations of necessary financial planning and alternatives.

– Efficient implementation of the financial planning recommendations.

– Cautiously review and carefully revise the financial plan basis life-changing situations.

Invexx leaves no stone unturned in helping everyone with their financial advice of achieving their financial goals irrespective of its size. They aim to make everyone financially secure with their relevant and comprehensive financial strategy. Their dedication to upholding the highest standards of excellence with a commitment to creating an impressive impact for clients and their families makes them stand apart from the crowd.

Why choose Invexx?

– Invexx came into existence with the only motto to make anyone and everyone financially independent by investing with as minimum as 500 INR per month.

– They provide lifelong free service to all the investors. 

– They come with the unique concept of ‘goal-based planning’ and educates people about the process one can set, monitor and achieve the same.

– They provide free 30 minutes consultation and educate people about new ways of Investment with proper guidance. One need not be an expert in Investment and finance.

How did Invexx come into existence?

The director of Invexx, Ms Jayashri Raut, had encountered that people were not wise with their investments; instead, they had some misconception about mutual funds. The fact states that mutual funds are the most transparent investment vehicles. With this thought, she stepped ahead establishing Invexx so that the potential investors can properly set and achieve their financial goals with the help of correct financial strategy and a holistic and goal-based approach with the proper financial tools of Mutual funds. They strive to work and always have worked only for the benefit of the investors.

Start to make wise Investments with a complete understanding of investing in mutual funds with the experts of Invexx from scratch. Your Investment can create attractive returns in the future and help you secure your life together with financial security. It’s time to invest and build wealth with Invexx, the transparent, customer-focused and simple platform in India.


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