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Ishu Kalra Has become one of the Favorites and number one choice of people among all Humanity NGO President Ishu Kalra has been loved by many.



As we all know, Ishu Kalra is one of the most liked personalities. We would like to introduce the humanity server, Ishu Kalra. He is from Jalandhar Punjab and gets an offer from the Bollywood film industry.

Moreover, Punjabi industry stars Like Nimrat Khaira, Mankirat Aulakh, Janni, B Praak, and Bollywood stars like Darshan Raval treat him like a brother. Moreover, even our Entire Cricket Eternity loves the guy named Ishu Kalra. It’s a very proud thing for all of us. Still, Ishu Kalra never thinks to Amaze he loves to live simple lives as the passion he does businesses of his own of Electrical Goods. 

The works of Ishu Kalra as President of Humanity NGO have been taken by as family cases. And however, without any political help involved, Ishu Kalra solved the issues on a personal level. Most usually like, that type of work is impossible to be done without political help, but Ishu Kalra always does as he wills to serve the nation on his own 

The first case is registered in humanity NGO was a Woman who was beaten by his Husband For Not giving them things. An Expected Complaint was Directly Given to President Ishu Kalra. As per the investigation, Ishu and his team met the family of the girl. They studied the case properly, and the first case of Humanity NGO was solved in 48 hours as registered in recent months Ishu Kalra declared war against visa consultants as the fraud ratio with people increased. Ishu Kalra took several steps to prevent people from getting fraud, and those who have been fraud by agents will get their rights back.

Ishu Kalra’s works are even liked by international tennis player Sania Mirza and many more. His status has reached so high even people were thinking he could be the future of the industry. He even gets so many opportunities to work in web series, and Bhumi Pednekar invited herself, but he seems to happy as simply living life. As he takes the youth on the right path, it is very obvious that people would be jealous of him, but this jealousy factor turned out very much to raise difficulties for Ishu. 

Ishu Kalra has been starting receiving threats in recent months. Even some hateful people wanted him to leave the good works.

But Ishu Kalra says, “I will never stop serving the nation no matter what who thinks what. I am not doing it if somebody is thinking of its for fame. It’s ok, because of me someone is smiling. Then yes, I like the fame, and I will always be fighting for human rights. I will never let anything wrong happen, no matter what it costs me. Humanity is the first religion for everyone. If you can’t follow the religion of Humanity, your worship of God is nothing..!”


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