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It’s official! Adholic Prashant is now a Google partner for Google ads



We’ve made it! We are extremely honored to announce that the hard work and dedicated efforts of Adholic Prashant have finally paid off. He has successfully earned a Google badge by meeting all the requirements to be a Google partner. Talking about the Google badge, it is just not some badge to flaunt but a representation of entrustment by Google in its online marketing abilities.

Adholic Prashant is an emerging brand in the field of digital marketing sphere in India. With more than 12 years of experience in the digital marketing industry, digital consultancy, SEO, and leading a team of professional content creators, he has helped over 554 + clients to establish their unique identity on e-platforms.

Known for the timely delivery of his noteworthy work, Prashant is one of the best digital marketing freelancers in India. Till date, he has dealt with 1000 projects related to all content marketing, social media marketing, and SEO, where he has left no stone unturned in satisfying the needs of a client.

Adholic Prashant as a Google Partner:

Adholic Prashant is a certified Google Ads Professional after passing various assessments of rigorous standards set by Google that assess up-to-date product expertise and latest product knowledge. 

Being a Google partner depicts expertise in Google’s marketing products, such as Analytics and AdWords. Adholic can constantly be seen growing and bringing new talent to achieve the goal of furnishing the best ever results for their clients.

He is innovative and is always ready to change with our fast-moving world outlook. Having adopted the recent tools and technologies, Google has recognized all three key qualities it takes to be a Google Partner.

Performance: Being a Google-certified expert, he has maintained an optimization score of at least 70%, indicating that his team has set up their clients’ accounts to perform well.

Spend: Adholic Prashant has managed to spend at least $10,000 USD in ads over the past 90 days, which indeed shows the ability to help clients consistently, identify new growth opportunities and sustain their success on an ongoing basis.

Certifications: Adholic Prashant has specified that they have at least one account strategist(s), and at least 50% of them have demonstrated proficiency in Google Ads by earning Google Ads certifications.

How this Achievement Benefits you?

Now you must be wondering how being a google partner is going to benefit you. Well, hold on.

We know one cannot expect to sustain in any industry without having an online presence, as the world around us has been digitalized fully.

This is why to meet your targets, it is very important to have a proper strategy and advertising plans.  

Naive marketing staff can hamper you from reaching your sales target. 

To avoid this, it is important to opt out of modern-day paid marketing tactics like Google Ads, which uses a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing plan that, in turn, helps generate more leads and get more conversions. 

Prashant is one of the PPC experts in India, and can benefit you in a variety of ways, including:

  • Reaching out to the right audience and deriving the most out of your marketing budget.
  • Building strategy, implementation, and consulting on anything related to search marketing. 
  • You are always one step ahead of others as a Google Partner. He has access to Google Beta Features, which has a direct connection with Google. So, in case of any issues, Google partners can directly contact Google.  
  • Earning a Google Partner badge is not the end. Google ensures that its partners maintain specific standards and prove excellence to remain partners. They are the time to time trained so to be well versed with the latest features unknown to many. Thus, picking services from a google certified expert like us can provide you with the best quality professional services.

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