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Jimmy Jackson – the story of a popular dealership owner turned big shot in the music industry 



immy Jackson was born in Little Rock ar where he currently resides he was known for his popular dealership he owned but music found him when a close friend introduced him to freddie GLADNEY (bankroll freddie) and his music career started.

His management career started in 2018 managing bankroll freddie which includes him getting signed to quality control music then he would go own to manage acts as RENNI Rucci duke deuce bandman Kevo co cash and still currently does he started his label change the game shortly after getting a partnership with empire and ctg is currently growing and expanding before jumping into his music endeavor jimmy owned a dealership in Jacksonville Arkansas so he is no stranger to business but music was never something he thought about doing until a mutual friend introduced him and freddie and they started doing business together as jimmy trained freddie on how to buy and sell cars and one day jimmy was sitting in his lambo and freddie walked up and said man come take a listen to this and the rest was history he tell people all the time that Arkansas is a hidden gem as it is slowly becoming a popular place for the hottest upcoming artists. As new artists & platforms emerge from The Natural State, one person who is leading the way is Jimmy Jackson. CTG | Change The Game , is something that Jimmy has quietly been planning for years. The thought of having his own record label seemed hard but Jimmy knew it was obtainable. After years of planning, he took the leap & has launched Change The Game, The Label. Jimmy hosted a showcase where dozens of artists from Arkansas were able to perform their songs for a chance to sign with CTG. CTG’s headquarters will also be available to rent for podcasts, Studio Time & Interviews. Jimmy Jackson is already becoming a gatekeeper & we believe he is just beginning. 

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