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Jitendra salvi’s JOURNEY FROM CA TO JDCA



This is the story of Jitendra Salvi, a resident of Merta, a small village 20 km away from Udaipur. In the first phase of his career, (he prepared for CA) ,after trying 5 times, when he did not get into CA final, he did not give up and followed his dancing passion and quit CA, and started dance academy with the brand name JDCA.

Initially everyone made fun of it, even the family members said that what will you do in the dance? There is no career in dance. Will you be a dancer(nachane wala) ? But Mr Salvi stop bothering for people and kept his focus in dancing, he started his passion from his village, gave free dance training to children at his home, then started his own small dance class (JDCA Dance Studio) in 2014 by taking Rs.150/- from children. From 2014 to 2022 till now 1000 children have been given free training, some of them have opened their own dance classes and some are working as assistant choreographer with Jitendra.
He definitely started from a small village but his hard work and courage was not limited to the village only, he has opened his 5 classes till now and has been taught to more than 10000 children. Also, He organizes a grand dance show every year, in which he gives a platform to the emerging talent nearby and gives a social message through dance .Mr Salvi and his students are currently working hard for their upcoming show* (Dance for Cancer Warrior) to be held in August 2022, **which will feature his late father who himself was suffering from cancer and for all those who are suffering from cancer. More than 100 women will donate their hair in this show. He believes that his show will *break the guinees book of world records along with the social message, *which will inspire people to come forward for more help. Best wishes to Jitendra Salvi and his team for a bright future.

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