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Journey for success through digital marketing



When an individual came into the world with hidden traits to win, can mark the position with his action in the future, and here we have Mr. Akshay Sutar in the spotlight. 

A 22 years young handsome man from Navi Mumbai was a very normal individual, who went through all the struggles and achievements in life as a middle-class background holder. His parents wanted him to study well and acquire good results to get the chance for a good job in the future. But he was not the person made for the job by thinking. He wanted to excel in some other field to mark his presence in society with respect.

Further, he tried to accomplish a better career through acting as his passion but with the lack of resources and back support of a high network, he was not able to survive. He revealed as Bollywood is not the place for such people who don’t have high profile Identity.

One after the other testing time he passed with patience as he was the strong man from inside to face off all the challenges with courtesy coming ahead.  He wanted to do something but there was no financial support from family at that time. He started gaining information regarding the business trends on top and there he entered blogging where he found the chance to explore the future.

He entered deep into blogging to know about the basic techniques and can invest it to get the future option for a business startup. After that, he assisted with the free blogging services to the people in need and meanwhile invested the savings to make it a big success.

But every bit of success needs a payoff by default and the same Mr. Akshay also has to. He has created back-to-back sixteen websites but they couldn’t work for long and get failed. He always learned from his failure and stand again with zeal to apply better strategy to action.

While he started his journey to excel again, he came across “Digital Marketing”, which became his field of research and exploration. This made him search for a knowledge hub for the complete education in that. He didn’t get any support from his family but despite giving up, he started understanding digital marketing techniques through youtube and reached saturation up to three fourth of the total.

Now, he was helping people by getting their website created without any extra charge but got many other types of jobs to get continued as a freelancer. After that, he completed his leftover education in digital marketing with his earnings.

Through the knowledge of digital marketing and his skills earned with experience, he had got to achieve his two companies right now to extract monthly income in six to seven figures and planned for next seven future startups very soon.  He was patient enough to let the change come over time but not to follow shortcuts for being impatient. This is the core reason for his entrepreneurship.

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