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Journey of two NIFTians to create a sustainable & eco-friendly brand



Art is a reflection of life- humour, imagination, love, and inclusivity. It taps in our emotions and experiences while inspiring and entertaining life.  

Realizing the importance of handicraft and its potential in India, two folks sought to revive it. They planned to restore the traditional worth of handcraft that possess the native ethics of a specific region. Thus, it led to the advent of Whatif Studio. 

Reviving handcraft with Whatif Studio

Whatif Studio is a business-to-customer firm that works in affinity with the artisans of India. Its values and promotes the skills of the artisans that pass through generations as a legacy. It aims to revive the market of handicrafts that has somewhat lost their essence in the industrial world.  

Whatif Studio delivers a distinct product that reflects an individual’s ethos, aesthetics, culture, and personal preferences to provide a style statement. Their craving for identity is symbolized in the approval of products.

How did it all start?

The founder states that the actual source of inspiration was the admirable mastery of the rural craftsman. The founder of Whatif Studio has his roots laid in NIFT. He was leaned towards fashion and creativity and wanted to learn it practically.

One fine day, during one of his escapades, he came across some artisans. The note of insight shook him. He was amazed at the talent of those artisans. Their handicrafts were exotic and admirable. This ignited the flame of taking these handicrafts to a global level. They sought to help them and encourage them to explore their talent. They wished to exhibit the craftsman and craft to the world and to showcase the concealed talent. Also, they wanted to bring sustainable and eco-friendly products to the marketplace.

Though, it is not as easy as it is said!

Ditching 9 to 5

The founder, who was determined to portray the true potential and beauty of the handicrafts, had to face several hurdles on his way. Everything requires patience, hard work, and zeal, and sometimes, few sacrifices. One of the sacrifices demanded he quit his job.

The world was facing one of the biggest threats- COVID19. Living standards were altered, several people lost their livelihood, people became homeless, unemployment peaked, and many more were the devastating consequences of the pandemic. Nevertheless, they were not able to shake the firm mindset of the founder. He quit his job and laid the foundation of Whatif Studio.

There were several interrogations in the early stages. His family and friends were worried about the competition, whether it would be a success, who would focus on the start-up during the difficult times of the pandemic, and many more. Though it was not easy, their determination and enthusiasm led them the way.

While having a stroll with each other, they brought up his idea of creating a sustainable, eco-friendly, and aesthetic brand. They exchanged their viewpoints and decided to work on the start-up together.

The advent of Whatif Studio

The founder and his mates collaborated with their NIFT foundation, design degree, with their zeal towards creativity and passion for sustainable and high-quality products. They summed all these factors in his start-up and titled it ‘Whatif Studio.’

They came up with a dynamic solution in the form of a technology-driven website and modern application. They incorporated advanced features which were able to meet the current trends of the market. Some of the features include augmented reality, advanced payment options, voice commerce, and many more.

They showcased their eco-friendly, trendy, and creative products on the online platform while maintaining authenticity.

The brand started with lamps & lightingplanterspots, and decorative. Gradually, it stretched towards gym wearyoga, and sportswear. The brand understood the needs of the contemporary world and infused traditional with modernity to create an aesthetic look. However, it always values the cultural heritage of the country and ensures that its products depict it. Furthermore, understanding the requirements of the current fashion trends, it infused leisure in its active wear.

It worked in close affinity with its artisans and helped them to enhance their skills. The administration helped the artisans with designing and training processes and enabled them to link with the market via their online platform. Also, they ensured that their talent and hard work were getting paid appropriately.

The main focus was to deliver good-quality products that were sustainable. All their products are created and designed by pure talents. The brand combines the understanding of the market and styles to give the desired product to its customers.

It celebrates the authenticity of India via its products while building a better ecosystem for living.

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