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Kapil Vaishnani and his Success Mantra



Kapil Vaishnani is a passionate creator and the founder of Litmus Branding, a renowned branding and advertising agency. He has established a reputation as a designing, branding and advertising expert during his 21 years in this sector. Additionally, Kapil is also the founder of four other businesses, ‘Bonasila’, ‘Oilpixel’, ‘Pawstro’, and ‘HaveRaw’ in decor manufacturing, digital oil painting, digital pet portraits and the organic foods industry, respectively. 

Apart from being incredible in the business field, he is also great on the game field. He plays tennis and has also participated and won in various tournaments. He also excels at using brushes. His acumen for business, sports and art all come together and contribute to his passionate personality and shape him into a creative person, which is evident in his impactful work.

Kapil’s Brainchild – Litmus Branding

‘At Litmus, we work hard, every day, to help brands reach their full potential.’

Litmus Branding is a Gujarat-based advertising and branding agency that has been transforming businesses into brands. It was founded in 2001 by Kapil Vaishnani. In order to achieve its goal of being a global branding firm, Litmus branding has worked with companies in India and many other countries, including the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Zambia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Australia and others. In industries ranging from education to FMCG, automotive, construction, wellness, agriculture, e-commerce and others, Litmus has worked with over 700 clients. They believe God is in the details and make sure they don’t miss any of them. Without a doubt, Litmus Branding is a worthwhile investment.

Journey towards establishing Litmus Branding

Kapil Vaishnani, the founder of Litmus Branding, has an inspiring story to share. He had a humble beginning, but through hard work and determination, he was able to build a successful business. He started his work in advertising after receiving his Fine Art Diploma with the goal of giving himself and his family a brighter future. Right at the beginning of his career, he decided to start his own company to create something significant and extraordinary. In his initial days, when affording a computer was difficult for him and the digital age was picking pace, he took on challenges head-first. Starting his entrepreneurial journey with a screen printing studio, he struggled a lot for three years, but he never let that dampen his enthusiasm and continued to work. 21 years later today, his story is no less than an inspiration. The company’s success speaks volumes about Kapil’s commitment and dedication.

Kapil’s beliefs, vision and motivation

Litmus Branding has completed 21 successful years in branding and advertising. Throughout this journey, Kapil has believed in maintaining transparency about the capabilities of Litmus without any exaggeration. He envisions making Litmus the global branding company most admired for creativity and effectiveness. Kapil’s source of inspiration is the challenges that he faces and conquers along his entrepreneurial journey. Some of his most significant learnings come from the people around him.

In order to make a difference in the world and assist businesses in achieving their objectives, Litmus Branding will keep delivering high-quality services.


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