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Komal Bhaleshwer :- Struggler to Achiever



Hello dear friends!
Here is your new writer friend ‘komal bhaleshwar’, Born and raised up in Yamunanagar, Haryana. She was also married to Rakesh Kumar, a resident of Yakubpur, a village in Haryana. Currently She lives in Paonta Sahib, Himachal Pradesh with her husband and children. 
At this time, She is at that stage of age where a person does not understand anything other than his children and family, the responsibility of the family, the concern about the future of the children, the person remains entangled in all these. If we talk about women, they never get any time for herself from her family and children. In such a situation, Komal ji not only takes care of her family and children but is also earning a lot of name as a writer. At the age in which people give flight to their children’s dreams only, at that stage of age, She is taking flight for her own dreams too. She is constantly taking steps forward on the journey of becoming a successful writer. 
In this article,  we will all talk about her writing journey, about her stories, novels, audio shows, poems, write-ups and her achievements till now from the starting. She started her writing journey in lockdown 2020 with her first story “Pahla pyar” on Pratilipi app. After it she wrote other stories and poems. Her Mostly stories are romantic suspensive and horror. If we start to read her stories once than it can’t be possible to stop ourselves from reading her, It feels like we are a part of her story. She is adept at bringing the story to life.
In the beginning, she faced many difficulties in this journey. People laughed at her but she didn’t stop her writing. She continued to write, worked hard day and night. Since she also has to look after her family and children, it is very difficult for any domestic woman to find time for herself. That’s why she used to wake up at nights to finish her writing work. And it is said that hard work never goes in vain. Slowly her hard work also started paying off. People liked her stories very much, which encouraged the spirit of writing in her. 
Competitions are organized every day on Pratili App. He took part in many competitions and got a place for which he received awards along with letters of honor. She has been one of the top ten winners in the horror marathon. The horror stories composed by her “Daansta Mohabbat ki, Falak, Ishq ya Junoon, Train Wali Pishachini, Wo pishach meri muhabbat, Khoobsurat shaitani Sheesha etc. are quite popular on Pratilipi app. Her horror stories are very good, that’s why people also call her horror queen. Not only this, but she also writes romantic stories very beautifully. Some of the romantic stories written by her are as follows- Deewangi, Piya Milan Ki Aas etc.  
He has participated as a co-author in several anthology books which are as follows -(1)एक कप चाय या कॉफी(2)पिता – An ideal(3)भूमि(4)अधुरी बातें तेरे बिना(5) Long distance relationship
Ready to publish anthology E book and paper book -(1)तस्वीर(2)Stop killing your soul(3)Hum Tum(4)Valentine- A book of love
She also works with Pocket FM. Her novel “Deewangi” on Pocket was well received. Along with this, she has also done a horror audio show “Raina-Ek Mohjal”.She is currently running a horror audio show “Mandolika” on Pocket FM and is also writing a novel “Dark night with dark shadow” Which people like very much.A book of her story has also been published “Khoobsurat shaitani sheesha”, which is available on Amazon, Flipkart and any book store. She has also received the Best Writer of the Year 2021 Award from Dream Publishers. 

It would not be an exaggeration to say that she is a very good writer. She is beauty with brain lady. If you want to read or listen to their stories, then download Pocket FM and follow them and enjoy their best stories. You can also follow him on Transcript and Instagram. If you want to know about them in a better way, then you can also follow them, here are the links and IDs of all their profiles. 
Her Instagram ID :-
Her pratilipi profile :- Komal Bhaleshwer ” ( शिवपुत्री ) “
Her pocket fm ID :-

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