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Kotak Real Estate –  The Address of Trust



Mr Bharat Kotak who is one of the most successful Personalities in real estate has proven to be a torch bearer for thousands of people who come looking for real estate solutions. 

Mr Kotak with his immense experience has shaped the complete sector in a very different way which makes him very unique.

Mr Kotak who is based out of Kalwa is a well known personality not only in real estate world but also a person who goes out of his way to help people in need. This particular quality makes his venture offering pretty unique and attracts a lot of people seeking a viable real estate solution. Now whether it be buying a flat or a farmhouse, plots , Commercial space or renting the same he leads the way in Thane , Mumbai and other major parts of maharashtra.

What makes him special is his service that one gets after consulting Kotak real estate agency. It’s an end to end solution to a customer’s problem. Whether you want a loan or want registration or anything big or small , all things are offered and addressed at one singular point. Mr Kotak himself has been at the pinnacle of this sector and have served a lot of customers in the past who always go back to Kotak real estate for any future purchase or consultation. 

Mr Kotak said , “ We work on trust factor.When a person or a party comes with a requirement, me and my team shortlist the best possible offering and most importantly give honest advice. Because of this our customers are never dissatisfied and this is our USP”

He has all major construction projects and other major tie ups with him where people on a daily basis put forth their requirements.

We also spoke to one of his previous customers , Dr Shubham Mahajan (CEO & Founder , Prepsmart , nationally recognised entrepreneur & an author ) who has seeked his residence requirement through Mr Kotaks agency. He said , “ I am very happy with the flawless & transparent service that Mr kotak gave and he also made my work easy with most documentation and post deal work also handled by him. I think i would stick with Mr kotak for any future requirement too because of this”

Hence in real sense Mr kotak’s Kotak real estate agency is ‘The address of Trust’

( 91-8879428574 – Mr Kotak)

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