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Launch of the online video course for the JSSC PGTTCE-2022 by EdTech firm ExamAtlas



ExamAtlas, which has established a reputation for excellent content and experienced instructors in the EdTech startup industry, has introduced the JSSC- PGTTCE-2022 online video course.

Started in Feb 2021, the company has focused on delivering high quality educational content by experienced teachers who have more than 10 years of teaching experience. The company has made this possible by giving local teachers training for online instruction. ExamAtlas has transformed the local educational landscape by empowering teachers who are already well-known for their in-person instruction in student groups.

The ExamAtlas team is overwhelmed by the popularity of their previously released programmes, including JSSC CGL, Utpad Sipahi Exam, SSC and Banking Master Course. Students benefit from their reasonable prices, excellent support, and knowledgeable mentors.

Most of the students that choose to prepare for government exams are from small towns and economically underprivileged regions of society. Since there aren’t enough employment or infrastructure in the private sector in some states, students have no option other than going for government jobs as a means of securing their future. Because there are more applicants than government jobs now, students from backgrounds of economic disadvantage are being left behind. Most of these aspirants relocate to urban areas for better preparation, where they must pay massive costs for coaching and housing. They must also do their own cooking, cleaning, and laundry. Additionally, if they skip any classes, they lag behind. 

Students can now study at home using the ExamAtlas portal’s for local and central government job exams . Aspirants who in the past travelled to the city to prepare are now able to save their parents’ hard-earned money as well as their priceless time and effort.

ExamAtlas’ primary mission statement, according to one of their spokespersons, is to offer affordable and quality education. The company operates on local exams with local expert teachers and central exam pan India expert faculty. This helps students in a very great way. 

The company operates from Bangalore and has regional offices in Ranchi and Kolkata. They have got Startupindia recognition and have registered as Examatlas PVT LTD.

ExamAtlas is also developing one of a kind Basic Improve Course to prepare for SSC, Banking and Railway exams along with regional exams of Jharkhand like JSSC and JPSC. This will help aspirants to make their basics strong, which is required for these exams to enhance preparation in limited time with higher efficacy. Along with this, students will also get Crash Courses for SSC, Banking and Railway exams along with regional exams of Jharkhand like JSSC and JPSC once the notification is out. Now students don’t have to wait for government notification to come and start preparation beforehand, and once notification comes, they can do a Crash Course for the particular exam to complete their preparation in less time.

Basic Improve Course + Crash course = Higher probability of success.

ExamAtlas is now launching the JSSC PGTTCE-2022 conducted by the Jharkhand government. online video course on August 10th.

This video course will cover all the subjects for the exam and expert local faculties have been roped in to conduct this course.

ExamAtlas continuously updates DailyNews analysis and notes in their whatsapp and youtube channel. Check their  aap : 

YouTube link 

Or call- 88096 40992. 

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