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“Leave your mark, go forth with pride – TINA NANDY”



  • a trending & entertaining model and influencer. 

Tina Nandi is now in her early 30s. Tina, a passionate model towards fine arts, crafts, music, dance and big screen presenter started her journey two years back. ‘The stepping stones were of course the print shoot & many other still shoots, which subsequently provided me with a huge ladder of success to many music videos, web series, commercial roles, influencing jingles’, Tina says to our reporter. 

  • Our reporter asked Tina, what she feels that the qualities a model must have. Tina replies, ‘One should must have many basic qualities in this professions such as being fit, healthy, energetic, reliable, organized, punctual, confident, positive and persistent. S/he should be able to handle any criticism and rejection.’

Reporter asks Tina, what is your views for Modelling as a career option? Tina replies ‘modeling as a career path in our country is now a very paying and glamorous option available for youths and up comers. With the growth in consumerism and a vast expansion of the fashion industry in India, modelling has come up as an exciting and attractive profession and it is now growing exponentially’. Tina adds, ‘one should be highly mindful while steeping into this career whether s/he wants to have specialty or wants to be a versatile artist in the fashion, ramp way, swimsuit & lingerie, commercial, fitness, parts, e-commerce, promotional and many other fields alike’.  

Reporter asks Tina whether educational background is important in this career. Tina puts her opinion “Although there is no minimum eligibility criteria to get into this profession, at least a diploma/certificate course from a recognized institute or college will provide an introduction to the fundamentals of modeling, which will give you a strong understanding of this industry. However, I have done my masters in Fine Arts & Crafts, Graduation in Arts and also excelled in education stream by completing B.Ed. I have also cleared my Katthak Visharad from Bhatkhande College of Hindustani Music.”

Reporter enquires what Tina’s plan for overseas work is. Tina replies “already I have done many works in Dubai and UAE. Some more works are planned in 2023 in a row. One has to be regularly connected to the industry and that is important. I am my own inspiration and my role model is my mother herself. I decide on a matter and do not look back. And that’s my only success mantra.”

Tina proudly mentions that credit for the western costumes photography here goes to SPOTLIGHT STUDIO, KOLKATA and to the wonderful makeup artist & hair stylist Reshmi Mondol. 

For the traditional photo here, the credit goes to the DOP Saroj Bhattacharyya and the make up by artist Papai.

Tina believes that without absolute dedication of the DOP, makeup artist and other floor members, nothing comes out well. This is a team effort. 

Tina had recently been to Mumbai for some back to back assignments before she proceeded overseas. 

Glimpses of works by TINA NANDY can be seen in link below;

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