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Let’s know about the Nobel work done by TRY NGO



TRY NGO, a non-profit organization in India working for last many years to empower underprivileged children, youth and women through relevant Food Donation, Education, innovative Healthcare and market-focused livelihood programmes.

Do you know the most effective way to help the hungry and needy once is food donation? It is the most satisfying not only to you but to the hungry person also. It is the most effective and simple way to help others by giving food to them. It is a good and beautiful opportunity to serve God and help others by doing food charity for them.

But more than that is also a beautiful way to make a better world for the needy ones who are looking for help. Donating food to the poor will never have to sleep on an empty stomach ever again. We have already experienced in the times of covid-19 how daily wage workers and poor people struggle to get one-time food for their families and themselves. But this one kind deed will feed numerous hungry people for a day, so they can’t sleep hungry tonight.

In other words, you are saving a life. In our country, we have numerous people who are unable to afford a single meal for themselves, and socio-economic conditions are making the present situation dire. So whenever you donate money for feeding the poor, that number goes up, and a meal that helps a person not to be hungry, not feel Neglected, not lose hope, and do not give up Faith.

TRY NGO discovered the world of street children within the harsh, raw, and many different situations. And yet, it was a life these children had chosen in preference to home and family – which had obviously become entirely intolerable. There is so much missing from the lives of these children – food, security, health, education and love. All these, we urged ourselves, they needed and had a right to – a secure space to sleep, play, and dream.



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