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Life Aveda – The Journey



Life Aveda – The inception!

Aveda Ayur is a herbal wellness company that has worked for several years to cater to people’s healthcare needs by using Ayurvedic remedies and procedures. The founder of this herbal products manufacturing company, Mrs. Raman Sidhu, started the company with the vision to use natural abundance to create herbal products that could potentially heal people without any side effects. The vision soon embodied into a mission to spread this Ayurvedic goodness around the globe, which is when the herbal wellness brand – Life Aveda was born.

The Vision and The Mission

Life Aveda came to life three years ago to further materialize the vision and mission of spreading herbal and organic healing through naturally produced Ayurvedic products by Aveda Ayur. The herbal wellness brand is now available online. It is a step-by-step success in making the world healthier and happier by providing Ayurvedic healthcare services and products to people across the globe in Canada, Nigeria, the US, the UK, South Africa, Bulgaria, and Abidjan.

The brand believes that gut and mental health are essential in ensuring general wellness and overall health. Every ailment emerges from either stress or digestive problems, which further intensifies into severe complications such as IBD, blood pressure troubles, cardiovascular diseases, depression, etc. Keeping this in mind, the Ayurvedic experts at Aveda Ayur have put together natural herbs and ingredients to create Ayurvedic formulations that boost digestive and mental health besides targeting the specific ailment.

This unique aspect makes Life Aveda stand out as an Ayurvedic wellness brand. Everything from sourcing the raw material and natural ingredients to the technical processing of the formulations to the final packaging is carried out under standardized procedures, supervised by expert Ayurvedic MD doctors and highly qualified staff.

The Journey to Success!

The launch of an Ayurvedic consultancy clinic in Mohali, Punjab, is yet another milestone in the brand’s journey of healing the world with Ayurveda. Year after year, since its inception, the brand has been achieving recognition for its unique vision and mission to make the bounties of nature available and use them to create Ayurvedic supplements to treat different ailments.

Mrs. Raman Sidhu was recently awarded the Radio City Business Titan Title for her tireless efforts in establishing the brand in its third running year. Her expert guidance to her team, unparalleled knowledge about Ayurveda, the truthfulness of her mission, and endeavor to serve people with her authentic Ayurvedic products are worth the praise and bore fruits to her labor. 

The online presence of the brand on social media platforms, as well as the Aveda Ayur website, has gained momentum, which verifies the fact that the netizens are benefitting from the products manufactured by the company. The digital potential of the brand has brought about a significant difference in creating brand awareness and successful customer experiences, a testimony of which can be read on

The herbal formulations by Life Aveda are also made available on international platforms like the Guardian & Apna Chemist. They will soon be available on reputed stores and online platforms like Apollo and Soul Pharmacy.

We believe this Indian wellness brand has indeed created history through its unique success stories, which testify to the brand’s genuineness and mission. Log on to or check out their Instagram handle to learn more about this tremendous herbal brand!

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